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Zoosk Review: Scam or real dates?

Zoosk Review: Scam or real dates?
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Active Audience 65%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 40 000 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 9.8
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site verifies user profiles to reduce cases of fraud.
  • Most users on the Zoosk website are active.
  • It is LGBTQ friendly.
  • It does not require users to fill lengthy profile questions but instead uses a smart matchmaking technology.
  • The site and app interface are friendly.
  • Users must pay to access essential communication features.
  • There are reported cases of bots and unverified users.

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Zoosk is an online dating site that offers flexible dating services. The website is suitable for users that are after casual relationships as well as serious ones that last longer. However, it cannot be put in the transsexual dating sites category as it only has options for straight, gay and lesbian users. The Zoosk website does not group users according to the type of relationship they are seeking. Instead, it places them together and links those with similar interests.

Zoosk operators claim their membership is over 40 million users spread across the globe. According to Zoosk reviews, the site ranks among the most sought after and favored dating websites around the globe. These claims are supported by the number of success stories of couples who met on the platform. The service uses top-notch features to help its users find what they are looking for.

If you are searching for an online dating website that is flexible enough to offer you diverse options, Zoosk is your ideal platform. But, before you rush into joining the dating service, take your time to understand what they have to offer. In this complete Zoosk review, you’ll learn the critical things users ought to learn about a dating website.

Zoosk Member Structure

Zoosk Member Structure

Zoosk boasts of a membership of over 40 million users spread across almost 80 countries around the world. But almost half of its members hail from the US. Most of the members on the site are aged between 25 and 34 years and are looking for more serious commitments. Therefore, if you’re interested in casual flings and no strings attached sexual encounters, this service might not offer you the best results.

When it comes to gender proportionality, there is an almost equal proportion of males and females, but males slightly prevail.

You are likely to meet your special one as the majority of the users are usually active. As per the Zoosk website data, they usually register almost 1,600,000 logins daily. Prospective members will be encouraged by the positive feedback by other users who benefited from the site’s effectiveness.

Real User Reviews

Real User Reviews

Zoosk has attracted great reviews from users who have benefited greatly from their dating services. Here is what one of them said:

“Several months back, my previous relationship ended. As a result I had to return to the dating scene. I tried looking for dates at the local social places but my exploits were not fruitful. So, i decided to try online dating sites. After reading several user reviews I decided to settle on Zoosk.

I registered an account with them because it has many single ladies from my locality. I didn’t want to commit my money on the service at first so I tested the services with a free account. After the trial period was over, I had to find a friendly subscription plan because I had met several potential ladies I wanted to keep pursuing.

I have not settled on one lady yet but with the new rule of social distancing where we cannot meet in bars any more, my choice to pay for the three month subscription was smart. So far I have no regrets since joining the platform.”


Interface Design and Usability

The Zoosk website and App use a simple design that is effortless to use, especially for new members. For instance, the color scheme has an excellent contrast that ensures the legibility of the texts. When you check the sign-up page, it uses a blue background with white texts, making them clear. It also applies a different color for the buttons to make it simple for the clients to identify it.

The layout and information architecture of the site is also clear. When you check Zoosk reviews by real users, there are no complaints about its architecture. However, several younger users feel the developers could do more when it comes to the site’s visual appeal. The icons used on the site are familiar, and new users will not have a problem learning and remembering them and what they do. For example, the site uses a bell icon for notifications. This is a common practice for many sites with notifications.

The designers also made the website to be uncomplicated to navigate. They incorporated menus that offer users quick access to essential sections on the site. Furthermore, the menus are not cluttered with many items that would be overwhelming to new users. The site also has a footer that contains links to other important information on the site like the Privacy Policy, among others.

To enhance its usability, the Zoosk website uses Call –To- Action buttons that help users take specific actions. For example, you’ll encounter the “Upgrade Account” button conveniently placed in several sections of the site reminding free users of the alternative to advance to a paid account. The site also has a “Help Center” where users can get information on various issues they might encounter on the site. In the unlikely event that you get stuck and the help mechanisms on the website cannot find help, please reach out to the reliable customer support team for further help.

Sign Up Process

Sign Up Process

The sign-up process on Zoosk is not complicated and takes less than ten minutes to be completed. In the registration form, it is obligatory to grant the following details:

  • You must select your sexual category and that of the partner you are searching for. However, unlike transsexual dating sites, Zoosk website does not include an option for transgender users.
  • You must also provide your date of birth. The website only admits users that are of legal age.

The platform also expects users to fill in their electronic mail address and a strong password. For the security of your account, it is advisable to keep these details private.

You must also reveal your current location by providing your country’s zip code. The website detects your VPN to verify your location.

Once all the information mentioned above is filled, click on the “Sign Up” button to proceed. You’ll receive an activation link in the electronic mail address you mentioned during registration. Click on the activation link to confirm your email and activate your Zoosk account. You are not there yet! Zoosk website limits your access to its services until you authenticate your account.

To do that, you must provide an active phone number. You’ll receive an activation code on that number; enter that on the Zoosk verification window. Other users will be able to see whether you’ve verified your account. To boost your profile’s integrity, it would help if link it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

You should also upload profile photos to make it more appealing to other members. Online Zoosk reviews reveal that users with great profile pictures attract more people to their profiles. The wise man once said, “Pictures speak louder than words.” In online dating, these are the words you should take seriously. Upload pictures that reveal more about your character than just beauty.

The site also verifies your profile information by checking it with your social media profiles. Since most users you’ll encounter on the website are after lasting commitments, a verified profile will make you more attractive.

Contacting other users

On the Zoosk website, you’ll have communication problems if you are using the service at no cost. As a free account member, you’ll not access much; it only permits you to peruse profiles and post flirts. But, if the users receiving your flirts are also using free services, the site will not allow them to reply.

To access the messaging services, you must upgrade your account. If you would like other members to answer your messages, even if they are free members, you must have access to the premium messaging functionality. To ensure you only contact members that share your interests, the website uses unique matchmaking features to deliver the most accurate match suggestions to users.

Unlike other dating websites, Zoosk does not subject users to lengthy questionnaires to establish their personality. Instead, it applies the SmartPick feature to assess users compatible with you. The functionality applies a sophisticated behavioral matchmaking tool to examine your conduct on the website and present profiles of matches you could like. For men interested in a lady to settle down with, it would help if you went for a paid subscription on the Zoosk website to have the best chance.

Unique Features

Unique Features

The Zoosk website is loaded with unique features that make it stand out among other sites. Mentioned below are the features that will ensure your dating experience on Zoosk unforgettable.

  • Carousel – Zoosk uses this tool to match compatible users. The Carousel displays possible users for you to pick. The website lets you flirt with users that interest you or pass over those you don’t.
  • SmartPick – Zoosk uses this feature to monitor and learn your behavior patterns. For instance, it notes when you message other members, agree to a connection, or show interest in another user. The service then uses this data to tell other users it believes would interest you about your character. As you interact on the platform more, the functionality will better understand your desires and present to you more accurate matches.
  • Dating Insights – Zoosk gathers information on your actions on the site and offers you an insight into the members that attract you and those that like you. The platform will also offer a perception of your dating style. This information will help you to discover the type of users you can attract. You will also find out a lot about the features you have that are similar to that of members you like.
  • Connections – If you like a member, you can add them as a connection to let them know about your interest. When you send other users smiles and hearts, and they act in response, you become a connection automatically.
  • Super Send – This functionality enables you to post flirty messages to multiple users at once. Zoosk offers its users with pre-formulated messages so they should not have problems on what to post.
  • Boost – if you desire to improve your visibility on Zoosk, use this feature. It ensures your profile is more visible hence increasing your chances of making connections. However, you must pay to access this feature.
Zoosk Mobile App

Zoosk Mobile App

Users can download the Zoosk app at no cost. Nearly all dating sites, including transsexual dating sites, usually have a corresponding mobile app. According to a number of Zoosk reviews, more users prefer using the mobile app than the website due to its benefits. The most cited benefit of a mobile application is the level of convenience users enjoy.

To cement its reputation as a credible dating site, Zoosk mobile application is offered on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. These platforms only host apps from reputable companies. You can access all the functionalities available on the website from the mobile app. However, users claim it is more comfortable to use communication features and manage user accounts.

The mobile does not offer users the dating insights as the functionality is deemed too large for practical use from mobile devices. You can use the app for free, albeit with ads interruptions. If you don’t like the ads, you should upgrade to a paid account.

What is the cost of using Zoosk?

What is the cost of using Zoosk?

Zoosk allows both website and app users to access services free of charge or at a fee. However, you might not be able to do much with a free account. To access the platform’s top-notch services, it is better to upgrade to a paid membership.

Services you can access for free

Here is what you can do for free on Zoosk dating:

  • You can register a user account.
  • Zoosk lets you fill your profile details.
  • When you come across someone you are into, you can mail them smileys and hearts.
  • The site grants you access to the Carousel functionality.
  • You’ll access other users’ complete profiles.

Premium Services

When you subscribe to a paid membership, you’ll unlock the following features:

  • You’ll post messages to all site users.
  • The site will grant you unrestricted access to SmartPicks functionality.
  • The website allows premium users to browse the incognito.
  • You have access to the chat functionality.
  • You’ll be aware of members that like you.

You can choose from any of the following payment plans:

Duration Costs / Month Total
1 Month 29.99 USD / Month 29.99 USD
3 Months 20.00 USD / Month 59.99 USD
6 Months 12.50 USD / Month 74.99 USD

This is how you can spend your Zoosk coins:

Any of the premium membership plans grant you unlimited access to the site’s features. If you’ve not made up your mind on which premium subscription to use, you can get limited access using coins. Apart from the subscription fees, you’ll pay a one-time activation fee of 24.95 USD. The cost of premium features is relatively reasonable.

Modes of Payment supported on the platform

Zoosk allows users to make payments from their Credit Cards, Direct Debit, or PayPal accounts. When selecting a dating platform to use, always ensure that you can access the payment methods it supports. The good news is sites from different niches like transsexual dating sites usually support several payment modes to give their users options.

How safe is Zoosk?

How safe is Zoosk?

Zoosk website has put in place several measures to ensure its users remain safe. Right from the word go, users are subjected to severe scrutiny to ensure they are genuine in their pursuit of love and affection. First, while creating an account, users must provide a valid email address which they’ll use to activate their account. Once you activate your account, there is a second layer of verification. You must provide a phone number that will receive a code that’ll activate your account.

All the measures mentioned above are to ensure that fake users, scammers, and robots don’t sign up. As if that is not enough, Zoosk also encourages users to link their profiles to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. When they do that, it becomes easy for the site moderators to corroborate your profile information against that on your social media profiles.

Also, through their Privacy Policy, they have ensured their users that the sensitive information they share on the site like phone numbers and email addresses are not shared with the public. They also state that they restrict both physical and digital access to these files. Office premises are guarded against unauthorized access, while only staff with a particular clearance level can access the files. They also use firewalls and antivirus software to keep away hackers and malicious codes. Zoosk uses SSL encryption to transmit your Credit Card information securely. Many users in their Zoosk reviews don’t mention security as an area of concern.

Nevertheless, all these measures do not mean that you can let your guard down. You should always beware when dating online. Your first line of defense on Zoosk is your gut. Whenever your gut tells you to stay away from a specific user, please do. Then, make use of the “Block” and “Report” features on the site. When you come across a user with suspicious behavior, you should block them and report them to the site moderators. When you only block them, you leave the other users at risk. But when you report them, the Zoosk website moderators will investigate the user and take appropriate action.

Some of the signs that a user is a scammer are:

  • They’ll send you links to external sites.
  • They usually share very little information on their profile, and they might not have a profile picture, or it might be blurred.
  • Sometimes they ask you for money.
  • Some scammers will also ask for your private information like address and income.
  • They might also use broken English, and their communication lacks consistency. This could be a clear indication that you are communicating with a group of scammers.

Finally, when you meet someone you really like, please do not rush to meet them physically. Take your time to get to know them better first. Once you’re sure, they are genuine, ensure your first meetings are in public places like parks or restaurants. Do not invite a stranger you met on online dating platforms into your home.



Online dating is slowly becoming the dating system of choice for many. As a result, many dating platforms have emerged, making it difficult to choose the right one for you. From this comprehensive Zoosk review, you’ve all the information you need to determine whether it will serve you right. Apart from having a good reputation, the site uses very unique features to ensure users have a great experience. However, you must be ready to spend some money to get the best of what the service offers. Many success stories of users who are now happily married after meeting on the platform are an encouragement to current users. Furthermore, it does not require you to fill many questionnaires to create your profile; it uses a smart system. If you’re looking for a flexible site that can help you find a life partner swiftly, you should create your Zoosk account fast and start meeting potential matches.

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