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Tagged Review: Scam or Real Dates?

Tagged Review: Scam or Real Dates?
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Active Audience 51%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 18-30
Profiles 2 340 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.3
Popularity 8.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Users can access essential features at no cost.
  • It is easy and free to create an account and user profile.
  • It has an enormous user base to select from.
  • The Tagged website interface is easy to use.
  • The service has a readily available app.
  • Tagged has a low reputation for hosting many fake profiles and scammers.
  • The site does not have an effective matching algorithm.

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Tagged was initiated in 2004 by entrepreneurs Greg Tseng and Johan Schleier-Smith. Since then, the platform has grown to a membership of more than 300 million users globally. The majority of members on the Tagged site are after friendship and dating.

Its membership numbers were boosted when it came together with sister service Hi5 to create one gigantic service. The Meet Group owns both sites, so the merger was smooth. The advent of Facebook dealt a blow to many social networking sites, but, Tagged website weathered the storm and kept growing continually.

Most of the site’s services are free, and users on the platform are active, making it enjoyable to use. Furthermore, you’ll most definitely find someone from your locality that is ready to mingle and have fun. Most of the platform users are looking for short-lived fun moments with other users like casual sex or online pleasure. Few are interested in serious relationships that could last a lifetime.

If you are looking for a service that will facilitate your connection to other users in your locality for fun and casual no-strings-attached sex, the Tagged website will sort you out. To find out how the site can be of service, read this comprehensive Tagged review in its entirety. In the end, you’ll have enough insight to help you get started.

Tagged Review: Scam or Real Dates?

Membership Structure

The Tagged website boasts of a membership of over 300 million users from all over the world. The site benefited greatly when it swallowed Hi5, which brought more than two-thirds of the current members on board. That means that most of the members did not sign up on the Tagged platform.

The majority of members are African Americans, which accounts for about 42% of the membership. Others are Hispanics, Caucasians, and other races. The site does consider one’s religion during registration; therefore, you’ll encounter users from various religious backgrounds. There are also more male users than females. Most of the men are looking for ladies to have fun with. it would be advisable to go for a niche site that is specially designed to address your needs effectively.

Users from the USA dominate the site, with more than 120 million registered on the platform. The dominant age group is users aged between 35 and 54 years. Initially, Tagged was created for the teens, and when it took a different trajectory, some of the teens remained on the site. These users are super active, with the site registering more than 170,000 logins each day and approximately 400,000 logins weekly.

Membership Structure

Real User Tagged Review

Tagged reviews are numerous. When you browse the internet, you’ll find many verified users sharing their experiences, encouraging or discouraging users from joining the platform. Here is one review from a verified Tagged registered user:

Usability and Navigation

The Tagged website uses a simple interface design. However, many users in their Tagged reviews complain of the home page being cluttered. When users sign into their accounts, the first impression is not that of a dating platform. It is more of a social site with posts from other members and games spread all over the page. You’ll have to put in some effort to locate the matches section.

Despite these complaints, the site loads faster, and the interactive features are practical. For instance, the registration forms are easy to use, and the process only lasts five minutes. The error-handling is also great. When you make a mistake on the site, it will instantly let you know what went wrong and what you must do to get back on track. One mistake does not have you repeat the whole process; you’ll only rectify the section with the error.

The Tagged website layout is not very friendly. Even though the sections are well formatted, there is too much detail on one page that could distract users. On the site, users are allowed to customize their pages with graphics to make them unique. However, it would help if you did not overdo the customization as that would make your profile unattractive.

Navigating the platform is effortless due to the excellent navigation features. You’ll encounter a navigation menu, sidebar, and footer with links to the site’s essential services. The menus are clutter-free and are strategically placed on top of each page for visibility. The footer links are also well labeled, making it easy for users to identify whatever link they are supposed to click. Also, the site always lets users know where they are on the platform.

The graphics design is also great. The color coding between the backgrounds and texts is excellent, enhancing legibility. The different sections on the site are demarcated by differing colors for users to identify them quickly. Furthermore, call-to-action features like buttons are colored differently for quick identification and visibility. The icons and menu names used on the platform are conventional, making it hassle-free for new users to use the site.

Usability and Navigation

Account Registration and Login Details

The registration process on Tagged is graceful. The site expects users to provide some necessary information before proceeding. First, you’ll provide your name and gender. You must also reveal your location and provide a valid email address. The site also expects you to upload a profile picture. Tagged will send the activation code to the email you provided. Visit your inbox and copy the code and paste it on Tagged for your account to be activated.

Once you’re done with the registration process, you can peruse your feeds, just like other social media platforms. There are also games you could play with other users on the platform. You can edit your profile at this point or do it later.

A user profile is an essential tool in the online dating space. Tagged reviews have indicated that users prefer individuals who are not afraid to share their details on the platform. Users that share scanty details are usually feared to be hiding something. To enhance your chances of succeeding on the platform, take a few minutes and fill your profile details.

On your profile, you’ll shed some light on your personality so that others can see who you are. The site does not have an effective matching algorithm making your profile the critical tool that determines your success in finding users that share your taste.

Even though the Tagged website allows users to customize their pages, you should be careful not to overdo stuff. For instance, you can use a GIF in the place of your profile picture of the background. However, the GIF could distract users from you as they might enjoy the GIF and move on to the next profile. Use the skins feature sparingly to lighten up your profile page. Use the spaces offered to share more about yourself and what you like doing.

Making Contact on Tagged

Unlike other dating sites, Tagged offers most communication features for free. You can post messages to other users on the platform with a free account. However, you can easily get distracted on the platform as dating is not given preeminence. Your home page is not flooded with daily matches like it would on other dating sites.

In its place, you’ll bump into continually update posts by all other users unless you alter your profile settings to receive feed from your friends only. The matching functionality is on a totally different page, which you must trace. The probable matches on the Tagged website are not determined by any form of algorithm.

It is upon you to set up a proper search criterion to end up with the list of users that bear the traits you prefer. You can filter the search results based on gender and age. You could also search for users based on their location, like city or proximity to your current location. Users can also play the “Meet Me” game to browse through profiles.

Once you get someone that interests you, there are several ways of reaching out to them. You can publicly like and comment on their posts like on other social media platforms. If you desire to reach out to them privately with a personalized message, you can do that using the standard messaging feature.

There are also other ways you can use on the site to show your interest. For instance, you can add them to your friends’ list or invite them to groups. The site also allows you to gift them or send winks. You can also let other users know how you value them by purchasing them as your pets. However, most of these communication features are for purposes of having fun while interacting online.

Making Contact on Tagged

Distinctive Features

The Tagged website is loaded with unique features that enhance user interactions on the platform. Most of the features might not be ideal for dating sites but more inclined towards social networking sites. Here are the distinctive features you’ll encounter on Tagged.

  • Pets – This is a game that allows users to purchase and sell other users, including you. The game’s currency is dubbed Qd, and the minimum you can begin with is 12 million Qd. The amount you spend on your pets determines whether it will be simple for others to snatch them from you. For instance, if you pay 0.01 Qd on a pet, it is easy for another user to buy the pet from you. Whenever you buy a pet, your value goes up, and you receive cash bonuses. When another user buys you, your value shoots by 10%. The essence of this game is to encourage users to be active on the site.
  • LUV – This feature allows users on Tagged to exchange gifts. All users have access to 10 LUV each day, and they earn points every time they give or get LUV. Your profile has a bar underneath that grows every time you receive LUV. A more extended bar testifies of your popularity on the platform.
  • Meet Me – This is a game that allows users to browse through profiles. It uses the same principle as that applied on other dating platforms where users are presented with profiles one after the other, and then they like or skip. When the other user likes you back, it becomes a match. This feature allows you to see your matches and members that like you.
  • Groups – The platform also allows users to form groups where members with the same preferences can assemble and share ideas. You can join a group if it is public or wait for an invitation to join a private group.

Tagged Mobile Application

According to Tagged user reviews on the app, it is better designed than the website. Users claim that the app feels more of a dating platform than the website. While the website is dominated by games when you login, the app gives priority to the “Meet Me” feature. Furthermore, the mobile app has a better general layout than the website. Its pages are not cluttered like those on the website.

No wonder more than 50% of the users are said to prefer the app to the website. However, you cannot customize your profile theme on the app as the functionality is disabled. Some of the functionalities that were jammed up in the website are well placed on the app. According to Tagged reviews on app stores, the app has an average rating of four out of five. The app stores also report that the app has had more than 10 million downloads. Users can access the Tagged app from their Android devices as well as iPhones and iPads.

Tagged Mobile Application

Membership Plans and Costs

Tagged website uses the model by other dating sites to allow users to access some features for free while expecting them to pay for premium features. Similarly, premium features are superior to free ones and guarantee better experience dating online.

Free Features

Upon registration, Tagged allows users to access the following features at no charge to help them have a feel of what happens on the site.

  • Users can fill their profile details.
  • They can also peruse through profiles of the site’s members.
  • They can view their probable matches.
  • The site also allows users to post private messages to other users.
  • Users are also allowed to like and make remarks on other users’ public posts.
  • Users can also play the Pets game.
Free Features

Premium Features

When you’ve had enough of the free access, you can advance to a premium membership. This membership unlocks the services categorized as premium by the Tagged. Here is what a premium account offers.

  • You’ll access the list of members who like you.
  • The site grants you access to the record of users who visited your profile.
  • A premium account grants you access to famous people on the site.
  • You’ll be notified when other users read your messages.
  • You’ll have the privilege of accessing new members before other members.
  • The site also offers premium members first priority in email support.

These are the premium account costs:




1 Month

9.99 USD / Month

9.99 USD

3 Months

6.99 USD / Month

20.97 USD

6 Months

4.99 USD / Month

29.94 USD





2,500 Credits

0.00 USD / Credit

5.00 USD

10,000 Credits

0.00 USD / Credit

10.00 USD

25, 000 Credits

0.00 USD / Credit

20.00 USD

75,000 Credits

0.00 USD / Credit

50.00 USD

200,000 Credits

0.00 USD / Credit

100.00 USD

400,000 Credits

0.00 USD / Credit

200.00 USD

Payment Options and Administration

You can pay for your Tagged subscription using a Credit Card, PayPal, Online Bank transfer, Amazon Pay, or Mobile Phone. Tagged allows users to cancel their subscriptions from the website or their Android and iOS stores. When you cancel your subscription, you’ll access premium services until it expires. Compared to prices on other dating sites, the charges on Tagged are reasonable.

User Privacy and Safety

Under the umbrella of the parent company “The Meet Group,” the site promises its user base that it has taken extensive measures to ensure they are secured. They claim that the platform uses a machine-learning algorithm that monitors videos, pictures, and text for violations. The algorithm also monitors all the live broadcasts on the site. From their security checks, they report that they usually terminate profiles in thousands every day. Furthermore, they claim that thousands of user content is declined in real-time before it is posted.

However, from Tagged reviews by verified users, there are still plenty of scammers on the platform. As a result, it is upon every member to exercise caution as they interact with others on the site.

You can use these tips to stay safe on the platform:

  • You must not share your private details like phone number, email, or address on the platform.
  • Avoid clicking on links sent to you by other members.
  • Take your time to know someone you meet on Tagged before deciding to meet them.
  • Make use of the site’s block and Report features.
  • Don’t share your financial information with any other user.
  • When you have issues on the site, please don’t ask a stranger for help; they might take advantage of you. Always seek help from the site’s customer support team.
  • Since the site does not conduct background searches for users, you’ll have to do it yourself. Check user’s information against their other social media platforms for consistency. Some use fake images, conduct Google image search on the photos they share.
  • Above all, your gut is your greatest weapon. Trust your gut feeling, always.
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

From this Tagged review, it is evident that the site combines social networking and dating in one platform. While others might find that interesting as it makes dating more fun, users looking for serious relationships might not enjoy the numerous sideshows. It is easy for one to get distracted in the games. If you just want to have fun interacting with other users online and finding someone to blow off the steam with once in a while, you’ll get that on Tagged. There is someone in your locality that is free today and is looking for someone to have fun with. What are you waiting for? Create your Tagged account and join in the fun.

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