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SilverDaddies Review: Does It Offer Real Dating Services?

SilverDaddies Review: Does It Offer Real Dating Services?
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Active Audience 93%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 30-40
Profiles 342 100
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The platform consists of plenty of members. Therefore, you will not face any difficulty finding your preferred dating or hookup partner among so many available options.
  • The atmosphere of the platform is exceptionally open-minded, and members interact with each other quite spontaneously.
  • The dating site offers the advanced cam chat option so that your fellow members can have more detailed interaction with you.
  • The website contains explicit photo galleries and videos by fellow members for the perfect time pass. Even you can buy sex DVDs as well.
  • The dating site's layout is quite outdated, and many users may feel the design to be unattractive.
  • The members of SilverDaddies mostly belong to the US. So, if you are signing from a different country other than the USA, you might have adversities in finding random hookup partners.
  • In case you are not a premium member with a paid membership plan, then many features will not be accessible to you.

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SilverDaddies have some extraordinarily designed features, services, and algorithms, due to which the website efficiently finds you a man that matches your sexual as well as personal preferences.

The dating site is offering its services to gay individuals since 2002. However, the platform is strictly meant for gay men, and it does not provide dating services to transgender singles. Gay individuals sign up on this dating site to experience casual dates and hookups. Usually, younger gay men (known as admirers on the platform) look for hot older gay men (known as daddies) on this site. The members on this website do not seek partners for a long-lasting and reliable relationship; instead, they register on this platform to explicitly sexual fun with a man of their choice.

This SilverDaddies review will let you know all the essential features of this USA based dating platform and how it works. By going through this SilverDaddies Review, you can easily decide whether this site will suit your preferences or not.

SilverDaddies Review

Structure of Members on the Platform

SilverDaddies has quite a large community of gay members who are highly active in the platform’s activities. Most of the members are Americans. Also, there are some members from Canada and European countries as well. As it is an adult dating site, the required age to register is 18 years. However, the dominant age group of SilverDaddies comes between 35 to 65 years. There is no discrimination against any racial, religious, or ethnic group. Therefore, you can hope to meet a diverse community of members. However, the majority of the members are white and Christians. The quality of members is also reliable if you are looking for a casual relationship or hookup.

As SilverDaddies offers many fields in the profile section to fill up, you will find sufficient details about the member’s personality and physical measurements. The personal information of a member will include age, sexual preference, country, city, etc. You can know about the weight and height of a member to understand his body type. As the site primarily focuses on sexual relationships, you will see explicit photos and videos uploaded by other members. Also, there is a “Profile Text” section in every member’s profile on which you can write additional important information about yourself. If you want to explore your sexuality and the excitement of casual dating, then the quality of members on SilverDates website will not disappoint you.

Structure of Members on the Platform

First Hand Review Of SilverDaddies

During the long period of 17 years, SilverDaddies has mostly been showered with positive responses and reviews by its users.

John, a 22-year young gay man from Chicago, recently said – “I am quite satisfied with the services of SilverDaddies. I opened my account a year back, and since then, I have interacted with many attractive sugar daddies ( older gay men). Also, my experience in a total of 5 dates has been quite exciting.

Looking forward to more such acquaintances and enthralling dating experiences through this site.”

A middle-aged man named Michael also said-” My experience on this site has been fruitful. There are a lot of handsome gay men that you can interact with and go on dates. I have gone on a few casual dates, and my ex[perience was thrilling. Also, I find the cam chat very useful for direct interaction with members through a virtual medium.”

Even William, in his mid-60s, found SilverDaddies to be useful and said- “I find this dating site quite entertaining with attractive galleries and videos. It is effortless to check them out anytime as a premium member. Though the site does not have a stylish look, I find it easily accessible and purposeful.”

First Hand Review Of SilverDaddies

Layout And Functionality Of The Website

The SilverDaddies website has a straightforward layout. The website’s appearance looks a bit old fashioned because the developers have not updated the site since its establishment in the early 2000s. Since it is a dating site for hookups and lustful relationships between gay men, the dating platform’s flat design is unappealing. Also, it makes the users less enthusiastic about browsing profiles and features on this platform.

The graphics and fonts used in this site also appear to be unattractive. However, the features and functionalities of the site can be easily understood even by beginners.

The homepage’s left side consists of the main menu, including the option to register or create a user’s account. In this section, you can also find other options such as daddies’ galleries, search filters, get updates about the recent SilverDaddies news, contact the site administrators, and explore more information about the site. The same section of the menu will also offer you features like sexual videos of older gay men, cam chat, and text chat.

The site works without any glitches or lags. Also, the speed is quite good, so you will not get frustrated with the frequent buffering. If you cannot access the desktop version, you can easily access the website’s mobile browser version and serve your purpose. As the dating site is entirely mobile optimized, you will also experience a smooth function of the SilverDaddies website on your phone browser. The mobile version of the site can be accessed on both iOS and Android devices.

As a whole, the SilverDaddies website is quite a user- friendly. Still, there are so many gay dating sites with impressive grap[phics and layout that some users may feel uninterested in using Silverddaddies for gay dating or hookup purposes.

Layout And Functionality Of The Website

How To Register On This Site?

Even if you are a guest member on SilverDates, you can detailedly observe the available profiles on the site. However, it is mandatory to sign up as a registered member for beginning a conversation and use the site’s unique features.

Although the registration form of SilverDaddies has quite a lot of fields to fill up, you can complete the signup procedure by filling only three compulsory fields, including email address, username, and password. However, if you are serious about finding partners and matches on SilverDates, you should consider filling up the registration form with all the required information. You can add your city, country, zip code, name, relationship status, birth date, height, weight, age group preference for a partner, your preferable type of relationship, etc. So, if you perform your sign up process with all the required information, you are more likely to get successful matches. A photograph can also be added during the signup. There are no strict rules for uploading photos on SilverDates. Therefore, you can add any image as per your wish.

There is no profile or identity verification process at the time of registration. After you successfully sign up on SilverDaddies, the site allows you to log in anytime using the password and username.

How To Register On This Site?

Starting A Conversation With Fellow Users

According to the opinion of most SilverDaddies reviews, the communication features of SilverDaddies are quite functional. As soon as you successfully sign up on this site, you can start exploring other members’ profiles using members’ search filters. You can browse members according to age group, location, sexual preference, and body type. As the site primarily highlights casual dating and hookups, much focus is not given to members’ interests and hobbies in search criteria.

After you come across suitable members on the site, you can send messages to show your interest or start a conversation. If you are a free member, the number of daily sent messages is limited. On the other hand, premium members can send as many messages as they want. You can also use the feature called cam chat to use the webcam for video chatting with other members.

Starting A Conversation With Fellow Users

Unique Features That The Site Offers

The unique features of SilverDaddies make it a highly recommended website to use for gay dating and hookups. However, this site’s unique features are only offered to premium members who pay a membership fee. The distinct features of SilverDaddies include-

  1. Erotic Videos: The erotic video feature of SilverDaddies perfectly fulfills the purpose of encouraging hookups and casual dates on SilverDaddies. Using this feature, you can watch sexually explicit videos performed by older gay men to attract their fellow members.
  2. Galleries Of Daddies: This feature is a photo gallery that contains erotic photographs of mature gay individuals. You can add unlimited photos in the galleries as a premium member. The galleries’ images are often too bold as SilverDaddies does not have mentioned guidelines for posting pictures.
  3. Galleries Of Admirers: This is another gallery that consists of sexually provocative photos of young gay individuals who admire older gay men. (daddies)Mostly senior gay men check out these photo galleries to find their ideal admirer.
  4. History/ News: This is a special section of the site dedicated to all the latest updates about its features and policies. You can check this section out to have stay updated about all the latest news of SilverDaddies.
  5. Cam Chat: This is an advanced communication feature and takes your interaction with a member to the next level. If you use this feature as a premium member, you can use this feature to arrange a video chat with your fellow member utilizing the webcam. This feature helps you make strong communication with another member and have a clear idea of his appearance.
  6. Favorite List: This feature is quite useful because it lets you make a list of your favorite members on this dating site. This list helps you quickly locate your liked members, go through their profiles, and send messages.
  7. MarketPlace: In this section of the site, DVDs, and online videos of gay sex are sold by individual sellers. You can buy and watch them for some exciting entertainment.
  8. Erotic Stories: Under the Erotic Stories section, the site contains stories with a detailed description of gay sex. You can read them and have some exciting fun.

Unique Features That The Site Offers

The SilverDaddies App

As most of the SilverDates reviews complain about the boring layout of the dating site, many people don’t know about the existence of a SilverDaddies app. Yes, SilverDaddies is available in a mobile app version, but unfortunately, the mobile application is only supported by iOS devices. Android users cannot get access to the mobile application of this site.

However, the app has just a rating of 2.8 on the App Store. Therefore, the app is not recommended for use by most of the users and SilverDates reviews. Although the app does not have any functionality issues and offers similar features as its website version, users are not satisfied with the app due to its outdated layout.

Still, if you don’t have the option to access a desktop or travel somewhere, you can access the app on your iPhone mobile for convenient access to the SilverDaddies website.

The SilverDaddies App

Prices Of The Premium Subscription

Compared with other niche dating websites, SilverDaddies also has a premium membership plan besides free access. Most of the SilverDates reviews suggest to sign up for a premium membership on this site because the free features are too restricted.

The premium membership plan is offered in four different durations – 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. In the case of a long-term membership, like nine months or 12 months, the monthly cost decreases slightly. Therefore, a long term membership is more beneficial if you are serious about finding a hookup partner through the SilverDaddies website. Compared to its alternative dating sites, this site’s membership cost is pretty affordable, considering the available features.

The following chart explains the period, cost, and total amount of each membership plan so that you can choose according to your preference.

Duration Cost/Month Total Amount
3 Months 5 USD 15 USD
6 Months 5 USD 30 USD
9 Months 4.44 USD 40 USD
12 Months / 1 Year 4.16 USD 50 USD

Free Features That The Platform Offers

As a free member of the SilverDaddies website, you can use the following features:

  1. Registering on SilverDaddies is entirely free.
  2. You can create your profile with sufficient information.
  3. Free members can send a limited number of messages to other members every day.
  4. If you are a free member, you will get a restricted view of other members’ profiles.
  5. You can use the available search filters to find your preferable members on this site.

Premium members who have a paid subscription plan get access to all the useful features of SilverDaddies website, which include-

  1. Premium members can add their liked members in the favorite list.
  2. You can get access to the list of people who have visited your profile.
  3. You will be notified when your favorite profiles will be active.
  4. A premium member can check the other members’ last time of logging in.
  5. You can make criteria so that only a handful of people who fall under your fixed criteria can send you messages.
  6. Members with a paid subscription plan can block inappropriate users on the SilverDaddies website.
  7. You can see the photo galleries of other users.
  8. Only premium members have the allowance to access the videos of other members’ profiles.
  9. Even as a premium member, you can maintain private notes about your liked profiles.
  10. As a premium member, you can also get access to the light version of the site, which will not show the logo of SilverDaddies. The sexually explicit photos will not be exhibited to you directly to use this version of the site in public places.
  11. When you visit a fellow member profile, you can see whether you have previously communicated with him. You will get access to the last exchanged message between you and the particular member.

Methods Of Payment

To make the payment for your subscription plan on SilverDaddies, you can use either a credit card or debit card at your convenience. However, the charge for your membership will be displayed on your card statement as “CCBill.” It will not be shown as a bill for the SilverDaddies website to maintain your privacy.

Is It Safe To Use SilverDaddies?

This SilverDaddies review will remain n incomplete if it does not focus on this particular gay dating platform’s safety and privacy features. All your included personal data and chats are encrypted so that any third party user or organization cannot interrupt your privacy. Also, members’ financial transactions on this site are protected so that a member’s financial details are not leaked to any unauthorized organization. Advanced SSL technology is applied to secure all the exchanged data through this site. As the site does not offer any procedure for identity verification, you can find some scam members on this site. In case a member behaves with you inappropriately or finds the activity of a member suspicious, you can block him immediately. Once you block a member, he will not contact you further unless you decide to unblock him or send him messages from your side. The website only allows premium members to access the site’s communication features and sexually explicit content so that any scam user cannot interrupt registered members’ privacy.

The website also has a Help Section through which you can report to the administrators about your issues or a suspicious member’s activities. If a particular member is found to violate the site’s rules, his account will be banned from an unlimited period. There is no email address or helpline number to contact the customer support team. The only way of communication is through submission of the form available in the Help section of SilverDaddies. If you have any doubts regarding the site’s guidelines, you can refer to the Terms Of Use section of the site for getting detailed knowledge about the privacy and security policy of the site. Overall, you will not be dissatisfied with the security features of SilverDaddies, and you can look forward to having a safe online dating experience on this site.

Final Verdict Of This Review

The previous reviews and this SilverDaddies review opine that the site is reliable for casual dating and gay sex. The duration of SilverDaddies’ operation as a gay dating site has been almost two decades. The long existence of this site proves that the dating platform is not a scam. Instead, it offers real dating services to its members. As it does not come under the niche of heterosexual or gay dating sites, it only caters to older bisexual and gay men. In case you are looking for a long term or committed relationship, this site will not be recommended for you. However, if you indulge in lustful exciting gay relationships and casual dating, then SilverDaddies should come at the top of your priority list.

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