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OkCupid Review: Scam or Real Dates?

OkCupid Review: Scam or Real Dates?
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Active Audience 67%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 29-35
Profiles 590 400
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Different age groups are represented, making finding the ‘one’ closer to your age much easier.
  • You will get to know the preferences of a person on their profile, including whether or not they are interested in serious relationships.
  • Search filters simplify the process of choosing a partner.
  • You can create and view high-quality profiles without paying anything.
  • Account registration takes around 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Certain profiles take a bit longer than usual to load.
  • The number of men exceeds the number of women here.

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Online dating is a trend in the romantic world of this generation. Have you ever wondered what legit sites can introduce you to your real love? Well, in case you have and failed to find an answer, there is a solution for you. OkCupid is one such dating portal that will never disappoint you when meeting new love partners. To know more about it, read on!

After being in operation for the past 16 years, the OkCupid website has gained a position among the most popular dating platforms. It has shown consistent growth, meaning you will never run out of profiles to interact with. The percentage of active members here is pretty high. OkCupid has come up with amazing features that bring user interaction to a new level. If this sounds intriguing to you, keep reading this OkCupid review to learn more!

OkCupid Review: Scam or Real Dates?


You will meet users with different tastes and preferences. Moreover, OkCupid has a huge collection of strangers from other age groups with unique sexual drives. Mostly, young people around 22 to 37 years old hang out on this portal to get started on a romantic journey. OkCupid follows a simple process of understanding why a user decides to sign up. Therefore, when checking someone’s page, you will easily understand their expectations from a relationship.

The activity rate of the members is quite high, and most of them come from the US. Back in the day, this site was known for not-so-serious relationships but gladly today, people use it to settle down with someone special. There are only 35% female users and 65% of men on the platform. So, with OkCupid, you can spark your love life like never before!


Real-Life Review

To know whether a dating portal is good enough, you must go through real user feedback. OkCupid reviews are as follows:

“Around 3 years back, I joined the site. I was giving my love life a last chance, and luckily, I found him. Today, I am engaged with him and planning to get married soon. Thank you, OkCupid, for helping me find my Prince Charming and making me believe in love again.”

– Ceri of England

“I am going to marry my love two weeks from now, whom I found on the OkCupid app. From the first date onwards, I started falling in love with her. Big thanks to the site for finding the perfect match.”

– Eldridge of Wilmington

Real-Life Review


Both the OkCupid website and the app have a neat and simple design that pleases users’ eyes. The system is simple and pretty straightforward, which is a great perk for a beginner in online dating. You can easily handle the site’s settings from the control tab located at the top of the screen.

While using the Double-Take method, you will get to see the best partner suggestions on the website. This is an impressive feature offered by OkCupid for those who have just got started and do not have an adequate number of likes. OkCupid uses brand colors — white and blue — that look soothing to the eyes. The software shows a pink color for the notification bar. Most of the users say that the design looks premium and user-friendly!



The registration process on OkCupid is easier than you may think. You have to fill in some necessary details about yourself, including your name, birthday, residential address, and email ID. Or if you feel this process is a bit complicated, then the simpler option is to use Facebook as a login method.

Once you complete creating your account, OkCupid will enquire from you a few facts to know more details about your true self. Thus, it can have a deeper look into your religion, favorites, sexual orientation, passions, habits, and expectations. These questions lead the website in the right direction for finding the right match for you.


Start a Conversation

Some time back, there were no limitations on starting a conversation with a stranger, but now, OkCupid’s policies have changed a bit, and both side approvals are needed for a chat. Although you can text someone first, your message will be viewed only when they make a pair with you.

The recent OkCupid reviews say that this feature has decreased the number of disturbing messages massively and made the site a more genuine place to hang out. It has also helped the users stay away from perverts and creeps. So, this is a fantastic idea that encourages real and civilized people who are out there in the hope of having a sincere love story.

Start a Conversation

Special Features

There are certain characteristics of the website that help in enhancing the user interface altogether. Moreover, these functions make the job of meeting your dream partner easier. Let’s have a look at the factors below which make OkCupid stand out:

  • Double Take: The love portal allows you to swipe left or right, following your interest in the person. Make sure that you swipe right at the stranger who you feel is worth your attention. If both of you choose each other, then the match happens.
  • View the person of your choice: With OkCupid, you can easily reach out to the group of people with whom you want to strike a conversation. You are independent to text them first, but they will view it only when they decide to match with you. This helps a person to avoid nasty messages from malicious individuals.
  • View the person who chooses you: Just like you are free to text someone first, they can do the same. In that case, you will be kept updated by the software about the people who choose you. If you find them attractive, then you can pair up to continue the conversation.
  • Boost: If you want your account to show up more to other people, boosting will surely help you. With a boost, more people will get to know about you.
  • Blog: The articles provided by OkCupid are indeed very helpful in giving the right tricks for finding a love mate. It also helps you know more about the software, which enhances your skills of landing on a lover.
  • Stacks: It often becomes very confusing when there are a lot of requests coming in. That is why OkCupid has taken the effort of accumulating people category-wise. The categories are mostly based on location, algorithm, and so on. This feature will help you remember those who sent you a request, and you can take action in the future without getting lost in the pool of participants.

Special Features

Mobile Applications

OkCupid is one such online romance forum that can be accessed from all devices without complications. This is because of its smooth and easy-to-use design; the same goes for the mobile application. You can use all the tools and features even from your smartphone. The interface appeals to the eyes and enhances the overall experience.

You will find certain features on the app working smoother than on PC. Whenever you swipe right, an automated window gets opened, motivating you to strike a conversation with the person. Many users love this feature. Anyway, if you want to stay away from texting first, then you can easily close the window and go on with viewing more interests.

The OkCupid application also takes the effort of notifying you every time someone drops a text in your message box. This helps you decide whether you want to take prompt action and start chatting with the person then and there. While there are many perks, one disadvantage is that a few profiles take longer to open on the phone. Other than that, the app is impressive and will surely stand up to your expectations.

Mobile Applications

Costs and Prices

The OkCupid website comes in both free and paid versions; the features vary in the two. You will be allowed to enjoy more when you pay for the software. But anyway, when getting started, you can use the free version to see how much you like it. If you are satisfied with the interface and want to avail of premium perks, you can upgrade your plan anytime.

There are three types of subscriptions, namely, basic, premium, and incognito. Do not get overwhelmed or confused by so many varieties. Get acquainted with each of them below and choose the best for yourself. You can also pay for boosting your page. So, let’s have a look at the pricing chart:

Plan Number of Months Cost (USD)
Basic 1 7.95
3 19.05
6 23.70
Premium 1 24.90
3 68.70
6 119.40
Incognito 1 19.95
3 14.95

The prices to boost an OkCupid profile are as follows:

Credits Cost (USD)
1 1.99
5 9.45
10 16.90

OkCupid is not that expensive as it is considered a top-rated matchmaking platform. Although the premium version is great, certain features are unimportant, and you can easily do without them. Further, more of the options provided by free and paid versions are discussed. So, stay hooked to know more!

Free Services

As said before, OkCupid comes in a free version as well, where you can explore and meet new people for free. The features are useful and considered far better than most other dating websites. Always start with the non-paid version first to get comfortable with the environment. While browsing for free, if you feel like paying for more perks, you can do it anytime. This will help you use the money smartly. The tools provided in the free version are:

  • Account registration: With OkCupid, you do not need to pay a single penny for creating an account. Moreover, you can optimize the profile for free as well.
  • Texting People: The unpaid version not only allows you to scroll through many profiles but also text them as and when you want. Therefore, to connect with people, you do not need to pay anything. This is an excellent perk because if not getting an opportunity to text love interests, what is a dating app good for, right?
  • Search users: You are free to scroll as many pages as you want to. So, there is no limitation on OkCupid when it comes to viewing strangers.
  • Track your choices: Guess what? The free version also allows you to use the software’s excellent feature that saves people you choose according to various categories. As said before, it is very handy and saves a lot of time.
  • Search filter: You can also use the search filter to view only those people who match your taste and preferences.
  • Double Take: Swipe left and right while viewing profiles. Remember, you can pair up with a person only when both of you swipe directly at each other.

Free Services

Fee-Based Services

There are three variants of the paid version: basic, premium, and incognito. If you want to know more about the features provided by each of these paid services, then read on!

A-List Basic Subscription

  • No Ads: Ads can be irritating when on a love hunt. Most OkCupid reviews say that people prefer investing in the basic plan to avoid ads in the first place. Consider getting this one so that there are no interruptions while browsing the user base.
  • See the people who choose you: Unlike the unpaid version, with the basic plan, you get to see both the people whom you choose and who choose you. This is an amazing tool because it will let you swipe right on those interested in you.
  • No limitations on the number of likes: Well, this is a proven fact that nobody favors restrictions when it comes to likes. The basic paid version of OkCupid solves this problem by taking away all the limits!

A-List Basic Subscription

A-List Premium Subscription

  • Automatic boost: Apart from enjoying every feature provided in the basic plan, here, you will also enjoy a unit boost every day. It will enhance your profile visibility so that more people can get an opportunity to show interest in you.
  • Peek into the answers of other users: The premium version allows you to look into the response of other people before answering yourself. This will help you know the thought process of a major portion of the members so that you can carve your answer accordingly and impress anyone who lands on your page.
  • More suggestions: With the premium membership, you will be shown more tips according to the OkCupid algorithm. So, this variant will not only boost your page and make it visible to other users but will show you more potential partners.

Incognito Mode

  • Hidden profile: Are you afraid of getting caught while using the love forum, or do you want to keep yourself hidden from members’ eyes? If yes, then paying for this offer is the best decision you can ever make. The incognito mode will let you use the site and its features without showing up in public. Your account will be visible only to those whom you choose to match with. The OkCupid review shows that members drool over this version!
  • Hide members: Here, you are not only permitted to hide yourself but other members as well, whose companions you seem not to enjoy much. You can either hide or block them as per your wish.
  • Control the hidden mode: Paying for the incognito mode doesn’t mean you will stay anonymous forever. It is absolutely at your control whether you want to hide or show up. Therefore, this ‘hide and seek’ variant is stunning!

Payment Options

The OkCupid website provides ample secure payment options that you can go for while buying a paid service. The payment options available are as follows:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Mobile Pay

You’d better go with PayPal because it is easy to use, and the money gets deposited faster. The other two options are also reliable and can be used without hesitation. So, when buying OkCupid’s paid services, choose the payment option that you trust the most!

Security and Privacy

In case you are wondering whether or not OkCupid is safe enough, most of the users find this the safest dating website available online. It is so because the registration process takes enough details of a person to assure that they are legitimate and not a scammer. But anyway, it is always recommended that you stay careful and be smart enough to identify a scammer or pervert. If you feel someone is a bot, you can easily block them and cut all further connections. Also, the site is reputed for keeping the user data safe and not leaking in unwanted places. Therefore, OkCupid is a reliable virtual place for spicing up your love life!


Hopefully, this article has provided you with all the necessary details about the OkCupid website before you decide to join this amazing community. This is a perfect lovemaking forum for people from all age groups. But specifically, it works best for the young generation as most of the forum members belong to that category. People of different genders and sexual orientations can be met here, eager to experience the taste of love.

The wide range of features and tools is the reason for its high popularity. You can find all sorts of people and relationships here without any trouble. So, when are you planning to create an account on OkCupid and get started with your romantic journey?

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