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MeetMe Review: Scam Or Real Dates?

MeetMe Review: Scam Or Real Dates?
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Active Audience 56%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 21-45
Profiles 956 563
Reply Rate 83%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Users can register an account on the platform for free.
  • The service has an app available for Android, iOS, and Windows users.
  • Members can access essential services free of charge.
  • It offers modern communication features, such as video streaming.
  • The interface is friendly to users of all ages.
  • Members using unpaid accounts must put up with pop up ads that disrupt their browsing.
  • User profiles are not comprehensive, making it hard to get to know an individual user that interests you.

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MeetMe is an amalgamation of a social media site and a dating service. The Meet group launched the service in 2005. Even though it advertises itself as a free dating service, it also has some paid-for services. Users searching for dating sites can use the site’s social media space and interact with new people they could end up in a relationship with.

However, you can still do a lot free of charge. For instance, you can chat with other users as well as post discussion threads. Users can use the services through the MeetMe website or mobile. There are two options for mobile access; you can either use the mobile app or the responsive site. The platform’s interface is friendly, while the paid features are reasonably priced.

Don’t expect to catch up with your long lost friends on MeetMe. Unlike Facebook and other social media platforms, the service is not interested in linking you with friends. Instead, their focus is to connect users with new people who can be your friends or start a love-based relationship with them. Its services are optimized to ensure users have a great time while using the site.

If you are looking for an online dating platform that applies a more relaxed online dating approach, you should consider MeetMe. The site is simple to use and also allows you to meet new people. Read this comprehensive MeetMe review to help determine whether what it offers can cater to your needs.

Membership Demographics

Membership Demographics

You will love the diverse nature of the members on MeetMe. The service claims to have more than 100 million users globally. The US accounts for the majority of members on the site with over half residing there. You’ll have a great time on the site as the users are active with it registering more than 40,000 logins every day.

There is nearly an equivalent representation of males and females. However, the population of males is a little bit higher than that of females. Another thing you should consider is the fact MeetMe admits users who are 13 years and above, meaning you might encounter minors on the platform. The users have diverse needs like friendship, networking, and relationships of different kinds.

Reviews By Real Users

Reviews By Real Users

When you read MeetMe reviews by users online, many don’t seem to take it seriously as a dating platform. Here is one notable review by a real user:

Well Why Knot?

May 28th, 2020

“Well for starter it’s Free for the most part. I wouldn’t consider it a complete waste. But I do wish the developers would bring back the local discussion boards. I basically check once a week since the last update. Its pretty boaring now but it does work at getting bites just gotta update ur pic once in a while. There are scammers and catfish but thats on ever site these days. Add me “Jahmaul” <- heck y not.”

Website Usability And Navigation

Website Usability And Navigation

According to expert MeetMe reviews, the website design is outdated. Apart from that, they seem not to have any other issues. Nevertheless, the site layout is straightforward, making it friendly to users of all age groups. Apart from the layout, the color scheme is also well thought out. The background color and that of texts blend well to offer excellent legibility. Even though the design is old-fashioned, it is functional.

Users love the platform’s browser consistency, meaning you can access it from your preferred browser without experiencing any hitches. Besides, navigating the site is flawless. The presence of visible menus enables users to access essential services swiftly. The menu is folded into a hamburger menu when using the mobile, which prevents it from blocking the entire screen.

The designers used standard icons on different menus and links. Instead of fiddling around, they applied the standard icons, making it easy for new members to locate various menus quickly. To enhance user experience, the service also allows users to be in control of the searches by applying appropriate filters. The interface also considers human limitations. Its design is not overwhelming to look at.

Sign Up & Login Information

You must be a registered user to access the services on the platform. The registration process is free and takes less than five minutes. Unlike other dating platforms that force users to undergo a rigorous registration process, MeetMe’s registration form is only one page. To register, you are required to provide the following information:

  • Provide your name
  • Fill in your email address together with a strong password.
  • Select your gender.
  • Reveal your date of birth.
  • State your country of residence.

Once you have filled the information mentioned above, click the “Sign Up” button. Since the service encourages its users to use the mobile app, a pop-up window will appear requesting you to verify your account before you proceed by downloading the mobile app.

User profiles on the MeetMe platform are not very detailed. When you visit a user’s profile, you’ll only see their name, where they are based, their sexual orientation, and gender. You’ll also see their date of birth and relationship condition. Unlike other dating sites, user profiles don’t have the “About Me” section, where you are given a chance to tell other users about yourself.

Since user profiles contain minimal information, it is challenging to tell whether an individual user would be your match. Furthermore, this makes it easy for scammers to hide in the site. You are likely to encounter plenty of fake profiles run by con artists. The platform does not employ stringent regulations to guard against fake profiles.

When you create an account, the site does not perform a background check to verify your identity. You are allowed to change your profile information at a later date if need be. The site also allows you to upload profile pictures. It would help if you took advantage of this to show other users who you really are. Because there is little information about yourself written on your page, you could use pictures to tell other users your story. If you are using the site to find a date, upload great pictures that would attract other users to your page. Here are some tips you can use:

  • Don’t upload inappropriate photos. Remember, there are minors on the platform.
  • Use pictures that you are alone and most probably doing one of your hobbies.
  • Avoid using pictures with children in them.
  • Don’t apply photos that are not clear. If possible, get a professional photographer.

When you have your login credentials and profile ready, you can proceed to interact with other users.

Communication Features

Communication Features

The site offers search functionality to enable you to search for whoever you’re interested in finding. The search functionality offers users several filtering options to refine their searches to make them more accurate. You can refine your search results using age, gender, sexual orientation, and current location.

If you’re only interested in finding matches who are currently online, the site allows you to do that. If a user has adjusted their profile settings to make them visible to their friends only, they may not appear in your suggestions if you are not friends with them.

Once you find a compatible user, you can use one among many communication features found on the site. The essential communication features are free. But, it would be best to begin by sending messages. Since user registration is not restricted, you’re likely to receive inappropriate messages from other users. When you do, it would be best to report them to the site moderators for action.

MeetMe website also has a feature called “blind date.” When you go on an online blind date on the platform, you’ll make a restricted video call with the other user. When your conversation begins, you’ll not be able to see the other person. But, as the chat continues, the blurred images gradually become more evident. By the time you’re reaching the end of your conversation, the other user’s image will be clear. From here, you can determine if you are a match. If you match, then you’re allowed to continue with your engagements privately.

The site also has a chatroom where you can join in and share your views about topics being discussed. Chatrooms are a great place to find out which users share your views on different aspects of life. They also present a perfect opportunity for other users to learn more about you. Some people in the MeetMe reviews reveal that they bumped into someone they liked in the chatroom.

Unique Features

You might not find many distinctive features on the MeetMe website. Most of the great features are available on the mobile app. The following features will make your life on the site unforgettable.

  • Questions – these are icebreakers users can try when they don’t know how to begin a conversation. You’ll just post a question to another user who can reply if they’re interested. Your questions will be sent incognito, and your identity is only exposed when the other user responds to your questions.
  • Secret Admirer – This is an exciting game MeetMe members play to facilitate them to meet new people. In the game, the app notifies you that you have a secret admirer. However, it does not reveal the user’s identity but shows you a number of pictures of several users at the same time. It is your duty to guess who the secret admirer is. The site gives you five chances to guess right. If you fail to guess the right person, the secret admirer notification will disappear.
  • MeetMe Live – This is the platform’s streaming functionality. You can use this feature to go live and interact with your viewers. Your viewers are allowed to like and send you gifts. The gifts come in the form of diamonds. You can convert the diamonds into in-app credits or cash.
  • QuickPick – This functionality is exclusive to the mobile app. It operates like the swipe system on other dating platforms. The site displays a photo of a random member. You can either like them to pass to view the next.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

According to real user MeetMe reviews, it is more exciting to use the mobile app than the website. When you look at the app and compare it to the website version, the app has superior aesthetics. But, it is not just appealing to the eye; it is functional too. The user interface is friendly and perceptive.

This service is different from other dating services, as not all the services available on the app are on the website. The app is available to Android, Windows, and iOS devices. It is free to download and install.

Membership Plans

MeetMe offers its users the opportunity to use the services for free. Even though it allows new members to have a free account, there are some exclusive features you must pay to access.

Features Accessible Without Charge

Here is what users with a free membership can do on the platform:

  • Registering new user accounts
  • Creating a user profile
  • Access to the Match section
  • Access to chat services
  • Access to MeetMe live stream functionality.

Fee Based Features

When you opt to upscale your account to a paid membership, this is what you’ll be able to do:

  • You will know which particular user viewed your gallery and which pictures they viewed.
  • You will browse the platform devoid of ads popping up.
  • You’ll unlock more search filters.
  • When you post messages, they are given priority in other users’ inboxes.
  • You can browse the site incognito.
  • You can customize your page with themes.

Here are the payment plans you can select from.

Duration Costs Total
1 Month 6.99 USD / Month 6.99 USD
3 Months 5.66 USD / Month 16.99 USD
6 Months 4.17 USD / Month 24.99 USD


Credits Costs Total
250 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 2.99 USD
500 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 4.99 USD
625 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 9.99 USD
2,000 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 14.99 USD
3,700 Credits 0.01 USD / Credit 24.99 USD

Payment Modes and Management

You can make your payments to MeetMe dating using your Credit Card, PayPal, and your Mobile Phone. On the platform, you can also use the in-app currency known as Credits. With the credits, you can boost your profile to appear top on the list of other users’ searches. Members can also use the credits to purchase diamonds that you can gift your live streamers. Three spotlights would cost you 2.99 USD, whereas six spotlights would cost 4.99 USD.

You can cancel your subscription at any time without affecting your current subscription. That means you will enjoy the benefits of your current subscription until it expires. When you compare the costs of premium services to other dating sites, MeetMe is lowly priced. However, it is not an out and out niche dating site like the dating sites that would charge higher fees for their more targeted services.

How Secure Are Users On MeetMe

Being a blend of social site and dating service, the MeetMe website does not put much emphasis on vetting users before admitting them. As such, there are numerous fake profiles of fake conniving individuals hiding behind attractive profiles.

On the platform, users are free to act the way they want, and you might receive inappropriate messages now and again. The service has a “report” functionality, which allows users to report users with unbecoming behavior. But when you read MeetMe reviews, users lament that no action is usually taken against reported profiles if they are deemed to have done nothing naughty.

  • When you are on the MeetMe website or mobile app, your security is in your hands. To stay safe on the site, you can consider the following tips:
  • When you meet someone you like, do a background check on them. You can Google their name with other keywords like “fraud” or “scam” and see if anything pops up. It is advisable to do a Google image search to confirm whether the image on their profile is really theirs. Check their social media accounts for consistency. Follow your conversations with other users keenly checking for any inconsistencies. If the texts’ language is not consistent, chances are you are chatting with a group of scammers.
  • Don’t share private details on the platform. For instance, your real phone number, home address, or financial information should remain private. You should try a Google Voice Number, which can receive calls, messages instead of giving out your real number.
  • After chatting with someone for some time and you feel it’s time to meet, video chat with them before the meeting. This will help you get a rough idea of the person before meeting them. A video chat will also help you confirm that your date is who he or she claims to be.
  • Drive yourself or use public transport to the meet. Don’t accept a person you met you online to drive you. When you allow your date to pick you, they will know your residence and have more control over the date location. When you use your vehicle, you avoid putting yourself at risk, and you have more control over where you’ll go.
  • Meet in a public place. You should not agree to meet in a private location on the first few dates. Choose a public location where there are a good number of people. When you meet in a private location, you might not have someone to help if things start going south. Some bars and restaurants have secret codes that allow you to alert the bartender or waiter if you’re not feeling comfortable. Ensure you know the code for your date location.
  • You can also carry pepper spray. Hopefully, your first date goes well, and you wouldn’t need to use it. But you’d better be prepared than sorry. Make sure you know how to use it before carrying it. Finally, only use it if it is really necessary in self-defense.
  • Lastly, stay sober throughout your first date. The biggest blunder you can make is getting drunk on your first date with someone you met online. Your date could not have the best intentions, and also, when you get drunk, your judgment may be impaired, and you might end up doing something that could have lasting consequences.

There are many other measures you could take to ensure that you remain safe when dating online. Watch out for scammers who might not even be interested in dating you. They’ll trick you into sending them money or giving them your financial information. As a rule of thumb, always listen to your gut.

Bottom Line

Bottom Line

By and large, MeetMe leans more towards a social media platform as opposed to a dating site. The site is mainly designed to facilitate group chats and social contact. Moreover, the site has minors, which means other users should be careful what they post to avoid exposing the minors to inappropriate content. You might enjoy your experience on the site if you’re interested in having exciting conversations with other users without really getting serious about relationships. Furthermore, anonymity and lack of proper profile verification make finding someone you could build a serious relationship a “looking for a needle in a haystack” affair. If you have specific dating needs, you should try niche sites like dating sites that are specially designed to offer dating services. On the MeetMe website and app, you’ll have fun meeting new people and sharing your views on various topics.

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