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LiveJasmine Review: What the Service Is Intended for?

LiveJasmine Review: What the Service Is Intended for?
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Active Audience 58%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 856 055
Reply Rate 79%
Ease of Use 9.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The registration process takes about a minute. New entries are not obliged to fill in much personal information (except for newcomer models).
  • The service interface is bright and stylish, while all key features are always at your fingertips. Members name the platform entirely user-friendly.
  • Persons get access to the hottest content (no nudity limitations are attached).
  • Registered users get a diverse array of options to communicate with models.
  • Numerous filters help a person find whoever they are looking for.
  • Some photos and videos are available for free.
  • Uploaded photos, videos, and live shows are of the highest quality so that a person could enjoy the platform as much as possible.
  • The customer support is available 24/7 to solve any problems instantly.
  • There are comments and rankings; hence, a registered person may prefer to communicate with top-rated persons only.
  • The system requires a person to choose the premium package while undergoing the registration process – no way to open an account on a fee-free basis.
  • According to members’ opinions, prices for the service options are overvalued.

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The LiveJasmine website is among the most popular webcam services globally, having an enormously giant audience. Duodecad IT Services Company launched the platform in 2001; hence, the service is a Luxembourg-based one. The hottest and sexiest female and male webcam models from around the Globe join the community to enjoy visitors. Such a service is not about dating or hookups, but theoretically, a person may get models’ contacts. The platform is not among the video dating sites, while more than 90% of subscribers belong to men and women. Nevertheless, there are a few transgender models on the website.

Persons from different countries join the service due to their personal goals. Some people love to have fun looking at the hottest girls and boys. Others are interested in learning some hookup tips or finding some secrets to spice up their sexual lives. This service is about to fulfill all the purposes.

Such a website is the 14th most visited service among adult ones. Furthermore, this platform enters the top-200 ranking of the most visited websites worldwide, and its popularity continues growing.

Profiles’ Overview: Who Join the Service?

Profiles’ Overview: Who Join the Service?

LiveJasmine reviews show the service has no limitations, except for the age. The platform belongs to the category of services oriented for adults only; therefore, persons under 18 have no right to open an account. No other limitations connected with age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or geographical location are possible.

The whole platform community consists of more than 300 million registered users. The average number of visits is more than 280 million per month. A user spends at least 18 minutes on the service and browses 20 pages or more.

Newcomers should understand there are two types of accounts. Some persons register for the service to have fun and enjoy live shows, while other members have the opposite purpose. Male and female representatives are free to earn money for their live shows. As for the age distribution, 79.1% of registered girls are from 18 to 30, while approximately 41.3% of male profiles represent the 40+ age group.

As for geographic distribution, people are welcome to join the community globally. The statistics show the platform is especially popular in some countries. For instance, 22.21% of all registered members are from Germany. 16.6% of users represent the United States. The top list also includes France (8.41%), Japan (4.08%), and the United Kingdom (3.38%). Such a distribution proves the international popularity of this cam website.

The Expert’s Opinion: Hot or Not?

The Expert’s Opinion: Hot or Not?

LiveJasmine reviews show members are mostly satisfied with the service, highlighting different positive features. Such a website is among the most popular and functional platforms for webcam models and their viewers.

The straightforward interface and bright design are a perfect combination that catches a person’s attention. Categories are classified conveniently, so that you could find a model corresponding to your personal interests within a minute or even less. High-quality videos create the reality effect; hence, a user enjoys live shows much.

There are numerous features for viewers. Support a model or send a gift to catch the attention. There is an opportunity to invite models into private chats that create an illusion of a video dating session. Meanwhile, you should be prepared for many expenses, as your every step costs a lot. Those funds are shared between both the website and models.

While regarding the service as a method of earning money, models are protected enough. The service belongs to the website convenient and understandable the most. Diverse payment options and transparent transactions are implied!

Website Interface Overview

Website Interface Overview

The website is designed in diverse shades of red. The red color symbolizes strength, passion, and love; hence, the choice is perfect for a cam website. Meanwhile, the developers managed to master the color scheme in order not to irritate a visitor. The home screen displays profiles of hot and sexy models ready for chatting and broadcasting. All fonts, icons, and marks are well detectable. Users are about to find whatever they wish within seconds.

As for the LiveJasmine website functionality, no difficulties are attached. The upper menu row contains the list of main available features:

  1. Live Cams. The system shows models’ profiles that match a user’s preferences.
  2. Promotions. Upgrade your account to open more features.
  3. Story. Such an option is somehow analogous to the Instagram interface. A user may follow models’ stories.
  4. Award. All listed models are ‘fighting’ for the title of the best one, and viewers decide who deserves the title.
  5. Get credits. Subscribers are suggested to refill their accounts.

Furthermore, the platform provides a person with quick access to notifications and likes. The left-hand menu column serves to help a user choose the category corresponding to their preferences.

You can report any problems you face on the platform, as the customer support is available 24/7 to deal with your issues. Look through the list of frequently asked questions or contact the LiveJasmine team through audio or textual chats. Billing problems may be solved via the phone call: (+352) 20 88 27 91.

Sign-Up Process

Sign-Up Process

Newcomers are welcome to get an account. According to a LiveJasmine review, the service takes you a minute to start browsing the platform, but the registration process depends directly on your goals. Viewers need to follow the next steps:

  • Create your username. The service requires no real names to maintain a user’s anonymity.
  • Create a strong password to enter your account.
  • Provide your email address. Valid email addresses only are used.

Note that a person agrees to the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ automatically. When you don’t support the postulates indicated there, stop the registration process.

A new entry needs to purchase credits; otherwise, it is impossible to enter the website. Such service implies no standard accounts, and you cannot cancel or delay this step.

On the other hand, new models are also accessible to undergo the registration, but the process is much more challenging. Newcomer models are required to take the following mandatory steps:

  1. Inscribe your email and create a strong password.
  2. Select an account type (individual or studio).
  3. Specify the corresponding category. There are more than 10 different categories you are going to broadcast shows in.
  4. Create a screen name from 3 to 16 characters.
  5. Inscribe your real name (the system doesn’t show your real name within a profile).
  6. Specify your date of birth.
  7. Choose your location.
  8. Select your ethnicity.
  9. Tell more about your appearance (eye and hair colors, body type, hair length, etc.).

The final step requires a potential model to download ID scans to prove he or she is not a scammer. There is a robust verification system on LiveJasmine intended to provide subscribers with top-quality content.

Which Options Are Available to Initiate Contact?

Which Options Are Available to Initiate Contact?

When a person logs in for the service, there are diverse categories and hundreds of models ready to tell you their most secret dreams and hidden desires. That is quite easy to get lost among the large number of hot cuties; therefore, a person needs to activate some search filters. These algorithms make the search process simpler.

When a model kindles your interest, click on a profile picture to enter live broadcast shows. Note that models have a schedule when they are online. A profile contains full information and a rating of a model. Furthermore, a visitor gets access to photos. Some pictures are private, and a person needs to pay for unblocking those photos.

The following options are available for viewers:

  • Communicate with a model within a chatroom. There are free, member, and private chats. The last one requires payment.
  • Add a model to your favorites to get quick access to all broadcasting shows.
  • Purchase credits for a model.
  • Send a gift to catch a model’s attention. Gifts have different values.
  • Make a video call to enjoy the conversation with a model you love. Note that you are free to ask models out.

Many models show their contacts on their profile pages; hence, a person may follow a certain model in social networks. Hence, the website somehow performs the dating function as well.

Unique Options

The LiveJasmine reviews highlight the following scope of exclusive features available for subscribers:

  1. private video chat:

A person may interact with a model through a private video chat. A session reminds of video dating, as viewers may get to know a model better, ask to perform something special. Private video chats serve to make hidden dreams and desires come true.

  1. games:

The platform is entirely versatile to excite a viewer. Persons are welcome to play games with models. Such an option is full of fun.

  1. virtual gifts:

What is the best way to catch a person’s attention? Sending a gift is definitely among slam-dunk actions. There is a diverse array of available gifts starting from cute flowers and ending with really gorgeous and expensive items.

  1. private shows:

Models are supposed to broadcast private shows for chosen ones. The number of viewers is limited; hence, every person wishes to enter the ‘elite community’. Private shows are the hottest and sexiest.

  1. award system:

There is always a contest among models pretending for the title of the top girl. Viewers rate models on their own; hence, the award system motivates broadcasters to do their best.

Are There Apps for Mobile Devices?

The App Store and Google Play have restrictions concerned with content; therefore, similar services offer no mobile applications, but the LiveJasmine website breaks the mold. There is a mobile app compatible with both iOS and Android devices. How is it possible? Users cannot find the app on popular stores. You need to download this application directly from the website.

The app requires at least the 4.0 version of Android or the 10.0 version of iOS. According to subscribers’ reviews, the application conveys the same seducing design and is even more user-friendly from the viewpoint of functionality. On-the-go users appreciate the mobile solution.

Developers expect every person to feel as comfortable as possible with the interface; therefore, 20 different language options are available. Note that all conversations are mostly in English. The service has active profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where users may get information on recent updates.

Premium Packages

Premium Packages

There are no premium membership plans, but LiveJasmine reviews show such a notion is controversial, as a person needs to pay for everything. Most features are blocked primarily. There are packages that suggest a certain amount of credits. When you register for the system, purchase one of the offered packages – the step is mandatory. If a person refuses to buy credits, they are not accessible to open an account.

The following packages are available:

Package Price for 1 credit Total price
18 credits €1.33 €23.99
28 credits €1.21 €33.99
68 credits €1.16 €78.99
98 credits €1.14 €111.99
158 credits €1.12 €177.99

Aside from the suggested packages, a person may insert the amount of Euros he or she wishes to transform into credits (€5000 is a maximum for one purchase – 4 541 credits). Note that all prices are given in Euros, but the platform makes an automatic conversion through a bank; that’s why persons may pay bills with any currencies.

Your purchase is one time. No renewal options are attached. When a person’s account is out of credits, no features are available.

The process of an account refilling includes the following mandatory steps:

  1. Click on the ‘Buy Credits’ button placed in the upper right-hand corner. Note that subscribers are accessible to purchase credits even if their accounts have some.
  2. Select the preferred package or enter your custom amount and press on the ‘Buy Credits’ once again.
  3. Specify the preferred payment option.
  4. Insert your payment information.
  5. Confirm the purchase and enjoy the service functionality without any borders.

Free Options

Foremost, a person should understand that newcomers cannot complete the registration without payment. Meanwhile, some features are accessible for unregistered users:

  • Activate filters to find models you prefer (age range, ethnicity, appearance, hair color, and many other matching algorithms).
  • Click on a model’s picture to get more information for free.
  • View some photos available for unregistered users.
  • View invitation videos.
  • Follow models’ stories (some pictures only are accessible).
  • Get to know models’ contact information (Instagram, Twitter) and follow them for free.
  • Contact the customer support to solve problems.

Prices on the LiveJasmine are different, depending on what kind of service you need to purchase. Among the top-rated paid features offered by the platform, the following opportunities are pointed out:

  1. Unblock private albums. View the hottest photos of a model. Prices depend on the content. The 90-days access to a private album may cost from 5 to 15 credits.
  2. Make a video call. Invite a model on a tête à tête session. One minute of a video call costs a person 2.99 credits.
  3. Send gifts. The service offers a diverse array of gifts from cheap invitational like a flower (1 credit) to a gorgeous and attention-catching pair of shoes (75 credits).
  4. Unblock a model’s story to view the hottest pictures or videos. 1-week access costs 6 credits.
  5. Join the VIP shows where all masks are thrown away. Models set up prices on their own, but 5-minutes access costs approximately 2 credits.

The above-mentioned list of premium features describes just some opportunities subscribers are empowered with, while there are tens of different options to help a person have maximum fun. The LiveJasmine reviews accentuate prices are high.

Available Payment Methods

Users name the service among the most versatile from the viewpoint of the list of available payment options. You may purchase credits with the help of:

  • banking cards:

The option is understood as the most convenient, as a person may purchase credits around the Globe. Debit or credit cards launched by popular payment systems are accessible. Furthermore, your bank is supposed to convert any currencies into EUR.

  • electronic wallets:

Members are available to use electronic wallets available in their countries. For instance, purchase credits with the help of PayPal.

  • cryptocurrencies:

That is amazing – LiveJasmine follows the modern trends; hence, a person may purchase credits with BTC, ETH, and other popular cryptocurrencies. More than 50 virtual assets are accessible for newcomers.

Is the Service Safe and Secure?

Is the Service Safe and Secure?

The team highlights safety and security among the key items. The system of safety and security is robust enough so that a newcomer could get the top-quality service.

Foremost, there is a strong scam-protection. The registration process is straightforward, but a user gets no access to the website without initial payment. You cannot use the service functionality with an empty account. Scammers and catfishes prefer to choose analogous platforms.

Such a platform keeps your personality anonymous. New entries create their usernames, and this step is enough to join the community. No email addresses are displayed. Furthermore, a person doesn’t need to add photos while speaking about users. All models are real, as the team requires the strong registration process for them, including a mandatory ID verification. There is no chance videos or photos don’t correspond to a real person.

When you face problems concerned with offensive or aggressive behavior, contact the customer support. The team reacts instantly and solves any problems within 2-3 hours.

Subscribers are protected while refilling their accounts with credits. The platform meets the PCI DSS requirements; therefore, payment information of a person cannot be obtained by third parties. Newcomers may learn more about safety and security on the LiveJasmine website.

LiveJasmine Resume

LiveJasmine Resume

The service is among the top-rated webcam platforms, and it undoubtedly deserves all rates. On the one hand, a newcomer gets a diverse array of models to follow and communicate with. The team has robust selection rules; hence, the most attractive models join the community. Scammers and catfishes shall not pass! A newcomer model needs to undergo an ID verification.

The list of categories and features is diverse enough. Activate filters and find models corresponding to your interest the most. High-quality video, private shows and chats, exciting games, stories, the hottest photos, and other opportunities are about to bring a person much fan.

Note that such a platform is not among adult dating sites, but users can find different models there. Numerous options are accessible for a person. Add models to your favorites, send exciting gifts, unblock the sexiest photos, invite models to a private chat. Meanwhile, your every step requires credits. Users call the service high-priced.

Hence, the website aims to invite persons all over the world to enjoy elite models. The platform community already contains more than 300 million subscribers. Wish to exchange money for fun? LiveJasmine is undoubtedly worth joining!

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