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Bumble Review: Scam or Real Dates?

Bumble Review: Scam or Real Dates?
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Pros and Cons

  • The app has excellent privacy and safety features.
  • The free version offers more features.
  • The interface has excellent aesthetic value and is easy to use.
  • It has excellent communication features like video chat.
  • It also has a vast user base for members to select from.
  • The user profiles are not detailed.
  • The app has unessential features like friend-finder and business networking that are not necessary on a dating app.

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Whitney Wolfe, a former Tinder employee, developed Bumble in 2014. She incorporated in the app many features present in her former employers’ app. However, on Bumble, women are in control. The dating service does not allow men to reach out to ladies first; they only show interest then wait for the ladies to send the first message.

Even though the ladies’ first approach is regarded as a security feature, some men in their Bumble review decry the fact that they cannot make the first move. Their argument is they don’t get the chance to convince the ladies they are interested in that they are their right match.

Bumble app uses a simple app with unmatched features to make it easy for users to interact. Furthermore, Wolfe designed the app to be a one-stop-shop social networking tool where users can interact for friendship, love, and business. The service is also LGBTQ friendly. To understand more about the dating app and whether it is right for your dating needs, continue reading this Bumble review.

Bumble Review

Membership Structure

There are slightly more women than men on the platform. The fact that the ladies control the interactions in the app could explain that parity. Most of the users are from the USA, with the site reporting more than 11 million users are US-based.

The app is also very active, with approximately 63 million users logging into their accounts every month from across the globe. The US again tops the list for most active users, with over three million logging into their accounts from the US.

Bumble is populated by young users, with the majority falling between 25 and 35 years old. The registered users have varying expectations from the service. Some are looking for love; others are interested in networking while others are just having fun. There are also users with various sexual preferences. Therefore, if you are gay or lesbian, you can still create an account and meet users who share your preferences.

Membership Structure

Verified User Review

There are varying views by users in their Bumble reviews. Here is an example by Stephen Elford, verified Bumble user:

“Bumble is a sexist crap site”

“Bumble is a sexist crap site , women can speak as they like & men can dare test the truth ! I was blocked because I asked a woman why her profile only showed head shots ? Like we don’t know 🤷‍♂️ , feminist crap that was a complete waste of my time !!!”

Stephen Elford

Design and Usability

Bumble uses a straightforward layout and design. The visual appeal is excellent with a proper color blend and harmony. Furthermore, the background colors and the texts have a perfect contrast making the texts easy to read.

The interface is easy to use; for instance, creating an account is simple. The app offers the user the option to either use their Facebook account or phone number. When you open the app, it loads faster; nothing annoys users like an app that takes forever to load.

The graphic design is also excellent. The designers adopted orthodox icons and terminology making it easy for new users to learn the app swiftly. The call-to-action buttons are also differently colored to make them accessible for users to spot.

The app also keeps its users informed with push notifications, which are based on their location. For instance, you’ll receive news on enhancements, offers, Bumble events, and any other promotions you can access. The good thing is, they don’t force the notifications down your throat; you are at liberty to either accept or deny push notifications. If you decline, the app will not send you any push notifications.

Navigating the site is also a cakewalk. All the essential features of the app are a tap away. There are intuitive icons on each page that lead users to specific sections on the platform. There is the adage that human is to error; well, Bumble clearly understands that. The app has a robust error-handling system. The platform allows users to undo their last action. For instance, if you swipe right while you are meant to swipe left, you can undo your action by shaking your phone.

Furthermore, the app contains enough information on the different sections that guide them on what they ought to do. When you make a mistake, the app informs you what you’ve done wrong and advises you on how you can make it right.

Design and Usability

Account Registration and Login Details

The sign-up process on Bumble is straightforward. You can sign up from the app or from the Bumble website. However, to access the services, you must use the app. The app offers users two options they can use to create an account.

The first option is registration using your Facebook account. When you use this method, you don’t have to enter any other details as the app imports your profile information from your Facebook account. When you use this option, you grant Bumble the right to access your photos, relationship status, location, and friends.

Initially, users who didn’t have a Facebook account could not open a Bumble user account. However, after several people’s complaints, they changed the regulations and allowed users to register using their phone numbers. When you register using your phone number, you must enter your profile details manually.

One critical piece of information you must provide during registration is your location. You’ll have to turn on location services on your mobile device for the app to pick out your GPS location automatically. The app uses this information to provide you matches from your locality.

After that, upload a profile photo to complete the process. Your objectives on the dating platform will determine the type of image you can upload. For men looking for ladies for long term relationships, you should upload a photo that presents you as someone that can be in that kind of relationship. Remember, Bumble gives one opportunity to make the first impression; use it well.

While on the app, you can access other members’ profiles even with a free account. All the photos you upload on your profile are accessible by other members. Moreover, all the information you provide on your profile is also public by default.

The user profiles on Bumble are not very detailed, and you can change them later if need be. As a rule of thumb, on any dating platform, ensure your profile is filled correctly. Your chances of success on the platform heavily rely on the profile information.

Account Registration and Login Details

How to Initiate a Conversation on Bumble

The Bumble dating platform does not have a search feature. You will only rely on the matches that the platform will suggest to you every day. However, you’ll only receive suggestions as long as there are users who match your preferences. The app bases your selections on sexual orientation, age, and proximity.

Bumble app allows all users to send messages for free. You can also join a chatroom available on the app. As mentioned earlier, only women can make the first move on the app. Many Bumble reviews by men find this very limiting as they would have preferred to be the ones making the first move.

When you log into your Bumble account, it welcomes you with a list of match suggestions. If you’re not interested in a proposal, you swipe left while if you’re interested, you swipe right. When the other user swipes right also, the app notifies the lady that a match has been made.

When the lady receives the notification, she has up to 24 hours to send the man a message if she is interested. On the other hand, the app also gives the man 24 hours to respond. From there, they are allowed to continue chatting without restrictions.

Even though men castigate the communication policy in their Bumble reviews, it helps ladies avoid spam messages in their inboxes.

How to Initiate a Conversation on Bumble

Unique Features

Bumble app is loaded with great features that help enhance user experience on the platform. Here are some of the noteworthy features.

  • Bumble BFF– if you are not interested in dating right now, you can use the platform to make friends. All you’ve got to do is switch from usual Bumble to BumbleBff, where you can search for other users who are interested in nonsexual relationships.
  • BumbleBizz – This feature was specially designed for users who are interested in business networking. You can use this feature to find someone to finance your venture, search for contractors and suppliers, and expand your business network. The functionality also offers users a chance to increase their knowledge of their niche and access essential resources for their line of business.
  • SuperSwipe – you must pay using Bumble coins to access this feature that allows you to let the other user know that you are super interested in them. It works similarly to the typical right swipe, but the other user will be informed that you bought a superswipe to gain their attention. The message will be that you really are into them that you even spent money to get their attention.
  • Bumble Hive – Bumble usually sponsors real-life events from time to time, known as the Bumble Hive. The events are open to all members regardless of what you signed up to do. The ticket to these events is your Bumble user profile. The events are organized so that members can meet, have fun, meet new friends and gain new business contacts. The events have other activities like symposiums and seminars that are facilitated by experts in several subjects, including career development and how to pitch your business ideas effectively.
  • Backtrack – this feature enables users to get back accidental swipes. It is only accessible to premium members.
  • Virtual Dating Badge – the app allows users to display the “Virtual Dating” badge as an indication that they are available for interaction via video and voice calls. These features help users to take their chitchat to the next level.
Unique Features

What about Mobile Application?

Bumble is a mobile dating platform. The only thing users can do from the Bumble website is create an account and read other essential details about the service, like terms of use and privacy policy.

The app is available to users with Android and iOS devices. It is free to download and install. All the features discussed in the previous section are all accessible via this app. The good thing is that the app transforming its processes to go with the times. Examples include the introduction of video and voice calls. The app also has to revise the regulation that required users to have a Facebook account to have a Bumble account.

According to Bumble reviews from the App Store and the Google Play Store, many users like the app’s functionality.

What about Mobile Application

Membership Plans and Costs

Just like other dating apps, Bumble offers its users a free account and a premium account with several payment plans to select from. The free membership gives users access to quite several features. But, users must upgrade to a paid version to access some exclusive features on the app.

Free Features

Bumble users can access several features for free. Unlike other dating apps, Bumble allows users to access crucial features like messaging at no cost. Here is what free account holders can do on the app:

  • They can create a user profile.
  • They can receive match suggestions.
  • Free users can also use the chat and messaging services.
  • You also get a second shot at an expired connection each day.
  • The app is free to download.
Free Features

Premium Features

Even though Bumble presents itself as a free dating app, there are perks for users who are willing to spend. There are various payment plans a user can select with varying costs. Here are the functionalities accessible to users who are not afraid to spend:

  • The app offers them extensive connections for up to 24 hours.
  • They get a second chance with connections whose time has run out.
  • They can use the SuperSwipe feature.
  • They get access to the list of other members who swiped right on their profile.

Users have three BumbleBoost Subscriptions to select from. They are:

1 Week 8.99 USD/ Week 8.99 USD
1 Month 24.99 USD / Week 24.99 USD
3 Months 16.66 USD / Week 49.99 USD

You can also use Bumble Credits to access several features on the app. Here is how your credits are valued:

1 coin 1.99 USD / Coin 1.99 USD
5 coins 1.60 USD / Coin 7.99 USD
10 coins 1.50 USD / Coin 14.99 USD
20 coins 1.25 USD / Coin 24.99 USD

Payment Methods and Administration

You can make your Bumble subscription payments via Credit Card, PayPal, or Mobile Phone. BumbleBoost offers users the following benefits:

  • Beeline – this feature gives you access to the list of users who’ve swiped right on your profile picture.
  • Rematch – This functionality allows users to have a rematch with users whose connection had expired.
  • BusyBee – Bumble extends the connection deadline for you and your match for up to 24 hours.

You’ll need your Bumble coins to access the SuperSwipe feature. With an extra coin, you add a heart icon to the usual swipe. All these features help to show the other user that you are really into them.

User Security

According to the Bumble website, there are several security measures that the app has put in place to ensure the safety of the users. However, you need to note that no online platform can guarantee its clients’ security 100%. As a result, you need to acknowledge that you have a role to play to remain safe in these platforms.

  • On Bumble reviews, there are minimal security complaints from verified users. However, there are the typical one or two cases of scammers who navigated through the security system. Here are some security features on the platform:
  • The service has applied all the commercially viable security measures to protect your data from being lost, misused, and accessed by unauthorized persons. The measures also prevent disclosure of your data without your consent.
  • There are technical measures that have been applied to keep your information on the Bumble servers confidential. For instance, the service uses secured servers and firewalls to keep away hackers and malicious programs.
  • The communication policy is also a great security feature on the site. Only women are allowed to reach out to men first. Furthermore, if the other user does not respond within 24 hours, the connection expires. This feature helps to reduce cases of ladies receiving spam messages in their inboxes. Communication is limited to serious engagements only.
  • The Bumble app also restricts registration options. Users can only register using their phone number or Facebook accounts. This helps to reduce the chances of fake accounts and spammers from accessing the service.
User Security

However, as stated earlier, users have a role to play to ensure their safety on Bumble. Here are some guidelines to help you stay safe as you interact with other users on the site:

  • You should always log out of your Bumble account once you finish using it.
  • Your password should remain a secret, don’t share it with anyone.
  • It would be best to change your Bumble password regularly to keep your account safe.
  • If you encounter any suspicious persons on the platform, please report them to the moderators immediately. This ensures that they are investigated and banned from the app. As a result, you’ll have helped other members also.
  • It is advisable to refrain from sharing any personal details on your profile. Examples of information you should not share with anyone on the app include your private phone number, address, or financial information.
  • Beware of users who send you external links. Those links could lead you to unsecure sites that could help them hack your device’s information.
  • Be careful when meeting a person you met on Bumble for the first time. According to advice from a verified user Bumble review, ensure you meet them in a public place with people around. This move ensures that you’re not helpless in case things start going the wrong way.
  • Furthermore, as you go for the date or meeting, don’t let the other person pick you from your home. That could be the easiest way for them to know your location. In case things don’t work out, you don’t want someone you met online knocking at your door, bugging you.
  • Finally, your gut feeling is your greatest weapon when dating online. If your gut says no to a particular user, please move on to the next.

As you can see, your security is in your hands. Play by the security guidelines, and you’ll be safe. However, the measures put in place by a dating platform are also essential in keeping the users safe.


From this Bumble review, you can see that Bumble is more than a dating app. Users can create an account to meet new friends who don’t expect sexual favors from them. They can also register on the platform to make business connections and contacts. The platform gives the ladies the power to decide who they will engage. You have to be active to avoid missing out on an opportunity when it presents itself because the app gives you only 24 hours to respond to a match. Otherwise, the connection expires.

Bumble has priced its premium features reasonably, although a free account can also work, somehow. Bumble reviews reveal that paid perks improve user experience on the app significantly. The Bumble website does not offer any user interaction; it only has essential information on the service. The bottom line is, if you are interested in an environment that allows you to do other things even as you look for a partner, Bumble will serve you right.

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