Is Apex A Genuine Online Dating Platform?

Is Apex A Genuine Online Dating Platform?
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Pros and Cons

  • Uses geolocation data: Wouldn't you like it if you get your daily match recommendations from your local area? The good thing is that Apex knows this fact, and therefore it will seek your permission to use your geolocation data, i.eGPS-based location data. The app will need to access your location (only if you allow it to) and find the best matches for you in your vicinity. The ultimate benefit of this is that you can physically meet your matches more frequently and interact with them. It will help you build stronger interpersonal connections with each other.
  • Quick registration process: Everyone loves to get things quickly, especially the fast-paced millennials. And since the Apex website primarily targets youth, they have designed each function and service on their platform to work in a fast-paced manner, including the registration. You can easily register yourself on the website by providing a few necessary details about yourself and uploading a kickass profile picture in less than five minutes! Makers of Apex know that youth loves speed and slow things kill their interest. Therefore they have designed this online dating platform to deliver speedy services in every aspect.
  • Easy profile setup process: What good is a quick registration process if a speedy profile setup doesn't follow it? To enable you to quickly access the services and features available on the Apex website, the makers have incorporated a rapid profile setup procedure. As a user, you have to provide a lot of information about yourself while setting up user profiles, but the good thing is that many of the information sections are not mandatory to be filled. As such, you can provide the details that you think are essentials for others to know before they try to connect to you.
  • Like-minded users: Another good reason to join Apex is to find the majority of like-minded users on this platform. Most of the users on this platform seek a casual relationship with no serious commitment and space. As such, these casual singles find it very easy to get a like-minded partner who respects their privacy and does not put their nose in every aspect of their life. The users' no-strings-attached attitude on this platform has made it popular amongst the latest generation who love to switch between partners to have more fun.
  • Rating-based matching: Apex uses a very sophisticated and efficient matching algorithm that allows users to find two dates simultaneously. Based on your rating and inclination towards specific preferences, the platform will suggest you the next matches. Apex aims at taking over the swiping culture introduced by Tinder-like apps.
  • Video and audio interaction: The platform also allows its users to connect with fellow users through video and audio. These days, the youth believe in quickly taking things to the next level; thus, the users find it very convenient to connect with the users through audio and video chat. Besides this, audio and video chatting are vital features for an online dating platform and play a significant role in making it popular.
  • A few users: Apex provides many exciting features to its users for free of cost, but still, the number of users on this website is pretty low. The major downside of a low number of users is that you have fewer options to choose from, and you get repetitive recommendations over every few days. While tens of millions of users are on other online dating platforms, there are hardly a few hundred members on this platform. However, the platform is in its growing phase right now, and you may see a hike in the number of users on Apex in the coming future.
  • Not globally popular: Another downside that may keep you from registering on the website is that it is not a globally renowned online dating platform. And the app is operational in tiny areas as compared to its competitors. You will come across the users from a few parts of the US only. Nevertheless, the platform is pretty new in the online dating industry and has a lot of potentials to turn itself into a more prominent online dating platform.
  • No profile verification: Apex's makers have not made it compulsory for the users to verify their email account in the wake of being easily accessible by potential users. As such, there are many fake profiles on the platform and what makes it even worse is that you cannot distinguish the fake ones from the real ones.

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