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AdultFriendFinder Review: Scam or Real Dates?

AdultFriendFinder Review: Scam or Real Dates?
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Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 24-35
Profiles 80 000 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The platform is loaded with a variety of communication features making interaction on the site effortless and exciting.
  • The website has a corresponding mobile application for both Android and iPhone users. This makes it convenient for users that prefer dating on the go.
  • You'll have more than 100 million users to select from. If you want to get laid, you can rest assured you'll find someone.
  • The platform's interface is user friendly. You can effortlessly sign up for an account in less than ten minutes and start searching for members that share your interests.
  • Unlike other dating websites, many essential features are available free of charge.
  • The site does not employ stringent verification processes during registration, giving room for scammers to hide behind user-profiles and unsuspecting users.

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AdultFriendFinder is a social site for adults interested in casual dating. The platform boasts of a membership of more than 100 million registered users, making it arguably the largest platform of its kind in the world today. If you were looking for transsexual dating sites, you might like the AdultFriendFinder website as it is open to all kinds of users and relationships.

You’ll encounter users interested in sharing couples, polygamous relationships, and friends with benefits on the site. Some of the users are couples who are interested in spicing up their sex life. If you’re interested in meeting someone special that you would settle down in marriage with, you might not find them on this platform.

Moreover, the platform’s features are specially designed to facilitate casual hookups and other no-strings-attached encounters. It is also not ideal for conservatives, as it contains adult content. You’ll find nude pictures and videos of males and females on the site. If you cannot stand such content, it would be best to find a dating site that meets your needs.

For users interested in meeting other adventurous individuals and couples for casual sex, this review is for you. Here, you’ll learn all you need to know to get started on the platform. Make sure you read to the end to be better prepared to interact with other users on the AdultFriendFinder website.

Member Structure

Member Structure

The AdultFriendFinder website has admitted more than 100 million users. The majority of users are adults who are single or couples interested in meeting other singles and couples who don’t mind experimenting with their sexual life. There are more men than women looking mostly for women for no strings attached sexual encounters. You’ll also find numerous female members on the site looking for male counterparts. The site permits male and female members to share nudity of whatever form.

Also, the members are not afraid to share sexual content in the form of videos or pictures. You’ll also find models performing on the platform when you log in. The site admits users of various genders, including men, women, and TV/TS/TG. Meaning users that would ordinarily look for transsexual dating sites can also create an account here. According to site data, there are up to 20 million gays and bisexuals on the platform. In essence, there is something for everyone.

The membership is spread across the world, but the majority reside in the United States. Unless you live in the remotest villages, there is someone in your locality on the site you could hook up with for some casual fun. Furthermore, the site registers more than two million logins each week, meaning every time you log in, there is someone waiting for you.

On the flip side, you’ll have to be extra cautious. According to AdultFriendFinder reviews by current users, there are instances where users have been scammed on the platform. Later in this review, you’ll learn how to stay safe on the platform.

AdultFriendFinder Reviews by Real Users

AdultFriendFinder Reviews by Real Users

There are lots of AdultFriendFinder reviews online. Here is one review:

“I have been practicing online dating for a while now. My preference is a site that can give me a bit of slap and tickle. After a long search, AdultFriend Finder became one of my top go-to sites whenever I am looking for casual sex/NSA/hookups or whatever you want to call it. It has been easy for me to pick my best between this, HookupHangout, and Tinder. They are all different; one works well on mobile, the other is good for chats, while others are better in cities. However, AFF always gets me results, and that’s what is important when all is said and done.”

Website Navigation and Usability

Website Navigation and Usability

The AdultFriendFinder website uses a straightforward design that’s friendly to users of various ages. When you open the website, it takes minimal time to load. The site’s information is planned well, and the different sections are well-formatted, making it easy for the users to scan through the pages and find specific sections. Furthermore, the site has browser consistency and can be accessed from most of the browsers.

The graphic design is simple yet effective. The use of colors and other graphics is not overwhelming to the human eye. There is an excellent contrast between the background and text, making it easy to read. It is also easy-to-use functionalities, such as forms. For instance, filling the registration forms takes less than five minutes.

Navigating the platform is effortless. The website uses menus, sidebars, and links to offer users quick access to essential services on the platform. Even though the menus are cluttered and could be overwhelming, especially for new users, you can easily access other essential sections on the site from the sidebar present on each page.

The AdultFriendFinder website also uses the call-to-action buttons to direct users to take appropriate action like upgrading their account. The links are also strategically placed on the footer section offering you quick access to other parts of the service. When you make a mistake on the site, you’ll discover that it has excellent error handling. The site informs you of the error you’ve made and advise you on appropriate action to correct it.

Generally, as per AdultFriendFinder reviews, most users don’t have a problem using the site. However, some users are not impressed by the display when they log into their account. They claim that a lot is going on that could be distracting.

Sign Up Process and Login Information

Creating an account on the platform is a cakewalk. The process is swift and straightforward and will not take you more than five minutes to complete. The site will take you through a five-step process, as explained below:

  • In the first step, you’ll provide your gender and the gender of the member you’d love to meet. The site admits users of all genders. Therefore, even users looking for transsexual dating sites can create an account here. The site allows you to select users from more than one gender.
  • In the second step, you’ll provide details on your age, country of residence, state, and neighboring city.
  • The third step requires you to provide a valid email address. You will also come up with a unique username and a unique password.
  • he fourth step gets more personal. Providing answers to these questions is optional. You’ll be asked about your sexual preferences, physique, and race. You can also let other users know whether you are married. Even though these items are not mandatory to answer, you should take a few seconds to fill them. It gives other users more insight about you, making it easy for suitable matches to identify you. Furthermore, the site’s matching algorithm will use this information to present you with probable matches.
  • Finally, you’ll get the chance to introduce yourself in the “Introduction title” section and write an accurate description of who you are in the “About Me” section.

You are not there yet! When you click “Done,” the site will send you an activation link. Open the email address you provided and click on the activation link to activate your account. When you log in, you’ll be greeted by a feed from other user’s profiles.

When you visit other users’ profiles, you’ll not find any personal details there. They mainly contain the necessary information, where they reside, and some information about their physique. You’ll also learn about their persona and sexual orientation. Users have the free will to choose whether to be private or reveal as much information as they can on their profiles.

Making Contact on AdultFriendFinder

The site offers users plenty of communication features. You can interact with other users in chatrooms or join groups that are discussing topics that interest you. Other users usually have live stream performances that you can watch and like or comment on. To communicate at a more personal level, you can use the standard messaging feature or Instant Messenger.

The site also allows users to maintain a journal of their sexual exploits and post them as vlogs. Other users write erotic short narratives about their sex lives. The stories can either be real or fictional. Your membership status determines the type of communication features you can use. Free trial members cannot access communication features that entail a secretive exchange between two users. These users can only remark on other users’ videos, like blogs, and join discussion groups. If you are interested in communicating with a user at a personal level, you must upgrade to a paid account.

Distinctive Features

Distinctive Features

According to AdultFriendFinder reviews, users are happy with the numerous features on the site that usually keep them entertained. Being a host to members with diverse tastes, it is packed with features to cater to all their needs.

  • Live Member Webcams – with this functionality, you can watch performances by other online users who are broadcasting publicly. To access this feature, go to your homepage and select the “Live Action” tab on the menu. Locate the button for “Live Broadcasters Webcams” and click.
  • Groups and Chatrooms – users on these forums openly discuss various sexual topics. There are numerous groups and chatrooms that you can join at no fee. If you cannot find a group discussing a specific topic you had in mind, you can come up with your own group to discuss it.
  • Magazine and Blogs – The AdultFriendFinder website has a magazine to which you can contribute. If you love blogging, you can create your own blog. The blog will act as your online journal accessible to other users who can read and comment.
  • Sex Academy – this feature offers users who need to sharpen their sexual skills with training. The section has instructional videos that teach other users how to spice up their sexual life. You must be a paying AdultFriendFinder member to access this service, which can incur additional costs aside from your usual subscription.
  • Contest – the platform usually hosts themed contests and allows all members to put forward their entries. The presentations can be in photo or video form. Whoever gets the highest number of likes or votes becomes the winner.
  • Erotic Stories – members of the platform use this feature to share their erotic tales. If you don’t have a true story to share, you can also share a fictional tale.
  • Flirt – this feature allows you to cleverly communicate your interest in someone by flirting with them. To send a flirt click the wink emoji on that user’s profile. You cannot access this feature if you are using the site for free. The worst part is, the site will notify you when another user sends you to flirt but cannot respond.
  • Hotlist – allows you to create a record of couples and singles you consider your favorites. The feature is available to all users for free.
  • Gifts – this feature is for individuals that like to show affection by buying gifts. The site allows users to send virtual gifts to users you like. You can only buy gifts that you can afford.
  • Tip – tips are for people you like a lot. Tips are especially great for users that love sharing content on the platform. If you enjoy the performances, you should motivate the performer by tipping them.
  • Livestreaming – this feature allows users to stream live their performances. The site lets you watch them free of charge.
AdultFriendFinder on the Go

AdultFriendFinder on the Go

The service has a corresponding app that is available to all users free of charge. The App amalgamates all the services run by FriendFinder Network. The app facilitates interaction between users from different platforms. Use your AdultFriendFinder credentials to log into your account.

However, there is also an app-specific for AdultFriendFinder. The app is readily available and has excellent information architecture that makes it easy for users to locate various sections. You can access all the features available on the website from your mobile app.

Membership Costs

AdultFriendFinder offers users the opportunity to sample the site using a free account. You might not achieve much with a free account. But, with a paid account, you can access the premium services on the platform. If you need confirmation, read any AdultFriendFinder review on user accounts, and you’ll discover that a paid account is inevitable.

Free Access Services

Free Access Services

The site grants free users access to the following services:

  • You can register a user account and create your profile.
  • The site allows you to “Like” other users’ pictures and videos.
  • You are also allowed to create your hotlist.
  • You can find blogs and groups and join them.
  • You can give your remarks on other users’ pictures and blogs.
  • Watch videos uploaded by other users from the homepage.

Premium Services

When you upgrade, you’ll join the big boys in enjoying the best of what the site has to offer. Here is what you can do once you upscale to a paid account.

  • You can see other users’ complete profile.
  • Send gifts to users that you like.
  • You can add friends.
  • Users can post and read messages.
  • You’ll have access to the chat feature.
  • You can watch performances by other users on the live stream.

Here are the membership plans you can select from:

Duration Costs / Month Total
1 Month 39.95 USD / Month 39.95 USD
3 Months 26.95 USD/Month 80.85 USD
6 Months 19.95 USD / Month 239.40 USD

Payment Methods and Administration

You can pay for your account subscription using a Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Direct Debit, or mobile. Compared to other dating sites, their prices are relatively high. When your subscription expires, the site automatically renews it. Whenever you feel like you’ve had enough and you want to cancel your subscription, do it. But you’ll have access to your current subscription until it expires.

Are you safe on AdultFriendFinder

Are you safe on AdultFriendFinder

If you come across a dating site claiming to offer you 100% protection, they’re lying. There isn’t an online platform out there that is fully secured. However, when it comes to AdultFriendFinder, the site has done enough in terms of security.

In their Privacy Policy, they claim that they use firewalls to protect users’ sensitive information. Furthermore, the technical staff is usually monitoring the site behind the scenes to keep away intruders. But AdultFriendFinder reviews reveal that the platform has very many scammers. Aside from that, you’re on your own.

Your safety on the platform is in your own hands. Start by using the block feature available on the site when you come across scammers. But how would you tell whether a user is a fraud? Here are some precious tips:

  • Most scammers don’t post their images on their profiles. Or when they share, the face is blurred.
  • You’ll know you are dealing with a scammer if their profile information is scanty.
  • They sometimes use broken English, and their communication is not consistent.
  • You’ll also know a user is a scammer if they ask you for money.
  • Read other users’ reviews to learn some of the tricks they use

You can also use these additional tips:

  • Never share your personal details like email address, phone number, and physical address.
  • Never click links to outside sources sent to you by other users.
  • Never agree to meet in a private place on the first date. For your safety, insist the meeting takes place in a public place with many people around just in case.
  • Please do your own background checks on users to ensure they are who they claim to be.
  • Since this is a hookup site, consider using protection as you don’t know if the person carries any STIs.
  • Always trust your gut feeling in every situation. If it tells you to stay away from a particular user, do it with pleasure.


The AdultFriendFinder website is an online channel for adults to meet for adventurous sexual encounters. Keep the site away from minors as it contains adult content that would be inappropriate for them. The site has tailored its communication features to help adults find adult content and meet other adults who are interested in trying something in their new in their sex life.

If you desire to find a life partner, you are on the wrong platform. Browsing through user profiles reveals that most are only interested in casual relationships. The site is also full of couples who want to add more flavor to their sexual life.

You can access services free of charge or at a fee. To get the best out of the site, it would help if you used a paid account. Numerous unique features make the relatively high cost worthwhile. Furthermore, the site does not discriminate against users based on their gender and sexual preferences; all are welcome. As a result, if you were reading this on your way to searching transsexual dating sites, search no more. AdultFriendFinder dating service will serve you just right.

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